Two Master Sync Pairs Join Pokémon Masters EX

A new story and more rewards.
A new story and more rewards. DeNa

The fights in Pokémon Masters EX just got more exciting with the arrival of not one, but two Master sync pairs. Archie and Kyogre and Maxie and Groudon join Leon and Charizard as the only other Master sync pairs in the game. That means they have a Master passive skill that can buff the whole team.

By the way, the two new pairs are only available until June 29. So, you have to add them to your team as soon as you can.

Meet the New Master Sync Pairs

Let’s learn more about these two Master sync pairs. Archie is the leader of Team Aqua and partners with the Legendary Pokémon Kyogre to become a Water and Electric-type Master sync pair. Their passive skill lets them summon rain on the battlefield and can complement with “Open the Oceans!” - a move that increases both the Accuracy and critical hit rate of the player when it’s raining.

Maxie is the leader of Team Magma and has the Legendary Pokémon Groudon as a partner to form a Grass- and Ground-type Master sync. The duo has an attack called “Precipice Blades,” which can damage all opponents at once.

Story Event

Beginning June 1 and until June 13, players get treated to a story event titled “Masters of Land and Sea.” This event is only for those who finished Chapter 1 of the Main Story.

For this event, players get to join Maxie and Archie and as they first face-off and then partner with their respective Legendary Pokémon. While the event is live, players who log in receive 800 Gems as well as other in-game rewards.

Rewards from Special Event Phase 2: Land and Sea Awaken

Back in May, there were special in-game events that featured Kyogre and Groudon. At that time, it was the community that decided how the rewards would be redistributed. As a result, players who log in from June 1 to June 13 get 6,000 Gems as well as some event-exclusive equipment.

Pokémon Masters EX is a free-to-play game released in August 2019 on Android and iOS. The game is set on the island Pasio and has players battle and recruit some of the notable trainers from the main series.

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