'Pokémon' Live-Action 'Detective Pikachu' Movie Is Go: Legendary Pictures Fast-Tracks Production To 2017

detective pikachu
The Detective Pikachu poster Pokemon Company

Great news for Pokémon fans, especially those whose interest in the franchise has been revitalized by Pokémon Go: Legendary Entertainment has succeeded in winning the rights to the first live-action Pokémon movie, Variety reports.

Back in April, THR reported on a bidding war for live-action Pokémon film rights between Legendary Entertainment, Warner Bros and Sony. Now that Legendary has won that deal, they will be launching the live-action Pokémon franchise with an adaptation of Detective Pikachu, an incarnation of Pikachu new to the series.

This deal is great timing for Legendary considering the overwhelming success the World of Warcraft movie had in China. Universal will distribute the live-action Detective Pikachu movie in territories outside of Japan as per their normal arrangements, and The Pokémon Company’s longtime movie collaborator Toho will take care of distribution within Japan.


Detective Pikachu released for Nintendo 3DS in Japan back in February. The story is set in Rhyme City, starring a trainer named Tim Goodman who meets Pikachu. Somehow, Tim can understand and speak with Pikachu, and the pair teams up to solve puzzles and mysteries throughout the city. You can check out Detective Pikachu’s intro and opening cutscene below:

Will the Pokémon be CGI? Claymation? Those weird furry suits the guys in Times Square use for photo opps? Details are almost nonexistent at this point: all we know is that Legendary has fast-tracked production to begin in 2017. Some fans may not be too pumped about Legendary’s choice for the franchise’s first live-action film, but I for one am relieved not to be facing a creepy remake of Pokemon: The First Movie, Pokemon 2000 - The Movie or Pokemon 3 - The Movie.

Are you pumped about Detective Pikachu being Pokémon’s first foray into live-action? What else would you have picked? Let us know in the comments section below.

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