Pokémon Gold And Silver VC Glitch: Get Shiny Ditto & Increase Shiny Odds

Red-gyarados pokemon
Red Gyarados can help trainers get Shiny Pokemon in Gold and Silver. Pokemon Company

Pokémon Gold and Silver are finally available on the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console, along with all of the glitches you might remember. This includes a workaround to increase trainers chances of breeding Shiny Pokémon.

Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow had the Mew glitch, and Gold and Silver has a glitch involving the Red Gyarados. After you catch it in the Lake of Rage you can trade it to the Gen 1 games to exploit a glitch that increases your Shiny odds (instructions below.)

Of course, Shiny odds in Pokémon games are set as 1 in 8192 (with certain items allowing for higher chances) but this method reduces those odds to 1 in 62, a large leap.

Back in Generation 2, the Shiny odds were based on a Pokémon’s Individual Values (IVs) instead of a set probability using the Trainer’s ID and a Secret ID, so having a Shiny Pokémon will automatically give you a Pokémon with the IVs needed to breed other Shinies.

Getting a Shiny Ditto, which can breed with any Pokémon, is really ideal for this type of breeding.

Check out SuperBlah ’s video on how to get a Shiny Ditto using this method and increased odds to breed a Shiny Pokémon.

1. Catch the Red Gyarados in Gold and Silver.

2. Trade the Red Gyarados to your version of Red, Blue or Yellow (second 3DS is required)

3. In RBY, go to the Celadon City Mart and purchase a PokeDoll on the fourth floor.

4. Travel to Saffron City and find the girl who will trade you TM for a PokeDoll, give the doll and receive TM 31 (Mimic).

5. Teach your Red Gyarados Mimic.

6. Travel to an area that has Ditto, the easiest area is the Secret Mansion on Cinnabar Island.

7. With your Red Gyarados in the front of your party, battle a Ditto and be sure to go BEFORE the wild Ditto. If you don’t, Run and try again.

8. Going first, use Mimic on the Ditto to get Transform from them.

9. Allow Ditto to use Transform on your Gyarados.

10. Allow Ditto to use Transform a second chance (use items or Transform until it does).

11. After the second Transform, catch the Ditto.

12. Trade the newly caught Ditto to Gold and Silver and it should be a Shiny Ditto.

13. Use this Shiny Ditto to breed with any Pokémon from Gen 1 or 2 to get the increased Shiny Chance.

Did this method work for you? Which Pokémon will you be Shiny breeding for? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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