Pokémon GO: Winter Holiday Part 2 Starts Friday

The next part is almost here.
The next part is almost here. Niantic

The Winter Holiday Part 1 of Pokémon GO is ending this Friday, December 23. However, it's not a cause for sad news because it is also the start of Winter Holiday Part 2, set to run until December 31.

This event sees the official debut of Eevee wearing a holiday hat in the game. This Pokémon can be evolved to obtain:

  • Vaporeon wearing a holiday hat.
  • Jolteon wearing a holiday hat.
  • Flareon wearing a holiday hat.
  • Espeon wearing a holiday hat.
  • Umbreon wearing a holiday hat.
  • Leafeon wearing a holiday hat.
  • Glaceon wearing a holiday hat.
  • Sylveon wearing a holiday hat.

That's not all since trainers can now evolve their Cubchoo wearing a holiday ribbon to a Beartic wearing a holiday ribbon during Winter Holiday Part 2.

While Winter Holiday Part 1 offered two event bonuses, this upcoming event only has one. The bonus is allowing trainers to store as many as 40 Gifts until the end of the event.

For this event, trainers can get access to branching Timed Research which give them bonuses for either hatching Eggs, catching Pokémon, or collecting Stardust. The path chosen determines which bonuses and tasks are available. However, regardless of the selected path, all trainers able to finish the research not only receive items but also get the chance to encounter Galarian Mr. Mime, along with other winter-themed Pokémon.

Winter Wonderland

Besides the Winter Holiday event, there's a special event scheduled for the weekend: the Winter Wonderland. From December 24 to December 25, trainers get one extra special trade per day along with the daily adventure incense activated during the event lasting for 30 minutes.

In addition, the number of guaranteed Lucky Pokémon a trainer can get in a trade is increased from 10 to 15. Plus, starting December 20, those who trade a Pokémon, which has spent time in a trainer’s Pokémon storage since 2017, is guaranteed to become a Lucky Pokémon until the limit is reached. This change is permanent and stays active going forward.

Also on December 25, trainers can look forward to the Winter Wonderland Collection Challenge where they can encounter a Galarian Mr. Mime and receive XP and an Incense.

Pokémon GO is available on Android and iOS.

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