Pokémon GO Launching Update for Sticker Feature

A sticky update.
A sticky update. Niantic

Good news to all trainers out there! The sticker feature of Pokémon GO is getting an update, where stickers will now be grouped by category. This means that everyone can navigate through their sticker collection easier and find the right sticker to attach to each Gift faster.

There are different ways to access the stickers. For example, when sending a Gift attached with a postcard, trainers can simply tap "Add Sticker" to access the new sticker view. The stickers are then grouped into different categories like featured, recent, messages, Pokémon, characters, and miscellaneous.

In addition, swiping up on the stickers allows trainers to see additional stickers in their collection. Trainers can also navigate across their collection by simply scrolling up and down, like how they would navigate the Pokémon storage screen.

Meanwhile, tapping on any of the listed categories takes players to those stickers. Tapping on the Messages tab, for instance, shows stickers with text. There are also categories, like the Pokémon tab, which have subsections that allow trainers to further sort their stickers.

In celebration of this new update, most of the stickers featured in the game are now available in the in-game shop. This offer runs from October 31 to November 2.

Map Update

The Sticker feature update isn't the only one released. Last week, there was an announcement about map changes. According to the Pokémon GO team, it's been three years since the game's map had an update.

The map now more accurately reflects the environment, so trainers can see local changes over the years on the map. These include the appearance of newly constructed buildings and removal of old roads.

Meanwhile, different Pokémon are going to appear in even more places than before. In densely populated areas, the number of Pokémons may be the same but they’ll be distributed more evenly. Trainers located in rural or rapidly expanding areas can expect the increase in the number of Pokémon.

What did you think? Excited about these updates? Pokémon GO is available for Android and iOS.

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