'Pokémon Go' Trading, Friends Lists, And 8 More Features We Want In Future Updates

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Now that Pokémon Go has been out for a weekend, and we’ve played the heck out of it, it’s safe to say the game is very fun. That being said, there’s still more we want from Pokémon Go, like trading, friends lists and other exciting features. Below are our top ten ideas for how to improve Pokémon Go, with the hopes that some of these will be included in future updates.

Features We Want In Pokémon Go

  1. TradingTrading Pokémon with friends is one of the core principles of the franchise. Giving up an extra Zubat in exchange for a Rhyhorn, or getting that last Doduo to evolve a Dodrio in exchange for an Eevee is what we all need. That should be coming though, as the feature is highlighted in the game’s trailer above.

  2. Friend battlesFighting in a gym is all fine and dandy, but when it’s just me and my buddy walking around wondering who has the strongest line-up, we need to be able to settle it immediately. Introducing Friend Battles will also allow you to still be engaged in the app even when not out and about. 
  3. Friends listsThis one just makes sense. We all have to input usernames to play Pokémon Go , so why not let us sync up with each other? This could allow you to see your friend walking around in your map if you both are nearby, and you could be able to look in on your friends’ progress and what Pokémon they have. 
  4. Mass trade-insThere seem to be an endless supply of Rattatas, Doduos and Pidgeys around, but that’s not going to stop the dedicated trainer. Once all the duplicates are caught, having the option to trade in multiple Pokemon to the Professor in one swoop would speed things up dramatically. It’s like deleting a ton of email from your inbox, expect you get Candy for it! 
  5. Street namesIt could be that I live in New York City, and am therefore an exception, but being able to see the street names around me would help. There are so many roads, and knowing which one is which would help when you get turned around chasing after a Weedle. I can see this being a security hazard if players are sharing screenshots, so this might not be added. 
  6. Showing other nearby trainersShowing other players near you is a great way for players to know if there’s a hotspot or a rare Pokémon popping up. If you happen to be on the same team, you can strategize about taking the gyms in the area. 
  7. Tracking itemA tracking item would be a special item like an Incense that allows players to find one specific Pokémon. This could be either showing where the Pokémon is on your map, or maybe creating a trail for the player to track down. 
  8. Push notifications when Pokémon are nearbyThis feature likely will not come to the app, especially given the Pokémon Go Plus coming out in the future. The device will rumble and light up when a Pokémon is nearby, basically a big push notification. If the app includes a similar feature, the Pokémon Go Plus will be a pointless add-on. 
  9. Gym notificationsFallout Shelter sends notifications to players when their vaults fall under attack from raiders. Why not make something similar for gym leaders? Wouldn’t you want to know if your turf is getting taken from some punk on Team Mystic? I know I was bummed when I lost my gym, especially since I had no idea when it actually was taken. 
  10. Fighting Pokémon to catch themIn a regular game of Pokémon on the Game Boy or DS, players have to fight wild Pokémon to weaken them before throwing out a Poké Ball. While fighting each Pokémon you encounter might take much longer, it would still be fun to make the whole capturing process a little more engaging than simply flicking a ball at a Pokémon.

So what do you think? Do you want to see any of these features get added to Pokémon Go as well? Have you thought of your own improvements and additions? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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