‘Pokémon Go’ Summer Legendary Update Teased By Niantic At 2017 Webby Awards

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Pokémon Go players may soon be scouring the streets for legendary Pokémon if the latest tease from Niantic global product and marketing lead Archit Bhargava is any indication. His acceptance speech at Monday’s 2017 Webby Awards was just one sentence long. He hinted “this summer will be legendary.”

The 2017 Webby Awards took place May 15, and Pokémon Go was honored with the title of best mobile game. Competing against The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land from Next Games, it was Pikachu and pals who ultimately took the final prize.  The speech itself can be heard at the 19-minute mark of the video below.

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As those who closely follow Pokémon Go will know, this isn’t the first time a Niantic award acceptance speech has spurred community excitement. While speaking to IGN at the 2017 DICE Awards in February, designer Dave Hollin famously told players to “save their candies.” This suggestion sparked rumors of a double-XP event in the future, and, while one did eventually arrive in April, the statement was shrugged off as silly advice for beginners.

Given that spotty prior history, can we truly trust this legendary tease? Words from other top officials suggest the answer to that question is yes. In past interviews, Niantic CEO John Hanke revealed that Pokémon Go will receive at least two more major updates before 2017 is over. The first of these is believed to be some sort of gym overhaul that encourages players to work together toward a common goal. If this summer is supposed to be legendary, maybe legendary Pokémon and these new mechanics are somehow intertwined. Will we have to cooperate with others if we want to get our hands on Mewtwo? That sounds possible to us.

The summer timing of legendaries also makes sense for a few reasons. From a development perspective, a major summer update just sounds right given the Gen 2 debut essentially characterized the spring. With each passing season, it seems Niantic aims to improve Pokémon Go in substantial ways. Summer’s ties to legendaries are logical too. If you want your players outside hunting for the rarest monsters in the land, it’d be helpful to introduce those features while the weather is at its warmest and its best.

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Until an official announcement arrives, however, trainers will have to be satisfied with the recent type-based events that have become tradition over the past few weeks. Following the Global Bloom event in early May, we’re currently in the midst of Adventure Week. Until May 25 at 4 p.m. EST, fans will see an increase in spawns for rock and fossil-based Pokémon. PokéStops will also dole out more items than usual, and more candy will be offered by buddy Pokémon. To top it all off, anyone who participates will be rewarded with special Adventurer’s Hat clothing.

Pokémon Go is available now on Android and iOS.

Are you excited to get legendaries this summer? Can this latest Pokémon Go update tease be trusted? Tell us in the comments section!

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