Pokémon Go Partners With Longchamp For A Special Event On October 2

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Ready to be a fashionista?
Ready to be a fashionista? Niantic

Pokémon Go announced that it is entering into a collaboration with luxury French brand Longchamp Paris. The collaboration is going to start on October 2 and end on October 8. This event is going to offer Trainers some exciting accessories along with some fashionable Pokémon appearing in the wild and hatching from eggs.

If you’re not familiar, Longchamp is a luxury leather goods company based in Paris. For those of you familiar with fashion, the upcoming event falls in the middle of Paris Fashion Week. Just in case you’re curious, this year Paris Fashion Week is going to be from September 28 to October 6.

If you’re just as excited as we are for this new event, here are some other details:

  • Special Pokémon wearing costumes are going to appear during the event.
  • Smoochum that hatch from 7 km Eggs during this time appear wearing a bow.
  • Kirlia wearing a top hat is going to appear in raids.
    • They’ll also know the move Draining Kiss.
  • Shinx wearing a top hat appears in raids.
  • Croagunk wearing a backwards cap appears in Go Snapshot as a surprise encounter.
    • They may also rarely appear in the wild.
  • These Pokémon are going to appear in the wild:
    • Mareep
    • Skitty
    • Roselia
    • Kricketot
    • Croagunk wearing a backward cap
    • Blitzle
    • Cottonee
    • Minccino
    • Gothita
  • Those lucky enough might encounter a Shiny Kricketot.
  • Enjoy exclusive Field Research for the duration of the event.
  • Dress up for fashion week—in person and in-game
    • Be sure to head to the shop for a free Longchamp avatar item in Pokémon Go.
    • Then, you can match with your Trainer avatar by picking up the same Longchamp item in stores.

While the event may only last a week, the Pokémon Go store is going to offer the Longchamp virtual backpack for a longer period. This is going to be available from October 2 to November 17. Clearly, it’s going to be a good way to turn your avatar into a true fashionista.

That’s for the in-game stuff for now, however there are also things happening IRL. For one, there’s going to be a Longchamp x Pokémon collection that’s going to be launched on October 13. Pikachu in particular is going to be offered in the Le Pliage collection in four versions.

Longchamp Artistic Director Sophie Delafontaine revealed in a statement that the Le Pliage brand has turned into a platform where all different aspects of the brand can be expressed. She went on to say that the brand hasn’t explored entertainment and gaming in the past and with this collaboration, everyone is going to experience “a very inspiring world, particularly with Pokémon and its iconic mascot, Pikachu.”

So what are your thoughts on this upcoming event? Do you have what it takes to be a fashionista? Let us know in the comments section below.

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