'Pokémon Go' Necrobot Shuts Down, Cheating Software Removed By Developers

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Necrobot at work Necrobot

Necrobot, a Pokémon Go cheating device, has officially been closed down. It was a bot that essentially created an account that would farm Pokémon to grind experience from a single location. The bot could also gather items from Pokéstops, evolve Pokémon and even trick the Pokémon Go servers that it’s a real person walking to hatch eggs. You input a longitude and latitude and left the bot to work its “magic.” Other sites, like Pokevision, have been shut down because Niantic does not like people messing around with their game.  

On Friday, the Necrobot developers posted this to their site:

“Due to legal action being started against other bot creators/devs (we did not receive a letter yet) the Project development will be stopped. All Source Files / Downloads will be removed. We now have to say Good Bye to the awesome Community. Over 100k Members on Discord and 500k Downloads a day! The Discord Community will remain open for Discussions. It was fun, we had a nice time. Thank you for the Donaions [sic], all Devs will be getting their share by today.”

Cheating in Pokémon Go is a serious problem, savvy players have been able to create Pokémon with perfect IVs or perfect stats, and essentially dominate every Gyms they come across. Real players who just want to play the game organically can’t keep up with scammers and cheats, so Niantic decided to send cease and desist letters to those making these programs.

It looks like Niantic is banning players who are: "falsifying (their) location, using emulators, modified or unofficial software and/or accessing Pokémon GO clients or backends in an unauthorized manner including through the use of third party software." If you have been banned, you can make an appeal to Niantic. 

Niantic has to be careful, for every bot program they try to get rid of, another one will just pop up in its place.  Clearly, there’s a subset of players eager to progress through the game more quickly than the developers would prefer.

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