Pokémon Go Is Looking Into Go Battle League Issues

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Fixing some issues.
Fixing some issues. Niantic

Pokémon Go revealed that it is currently looking in several issues that have been affecting its Gs Battle League. The development team at Niantic has been monitoring this, and the feedback given by Trainers have been helpful. Two areas are being focused on right now which are the number of bugs and the Known Issues page.

Number of Bugs

In a post, the team at Niantic said that the logic behind the Go Battle League is one of the most complicated in Pokémon Go. The team said that what this means is that “a bug fix related to the Go Battle League fundamentally has a higher chance of causing subsequent bugs than some of our other fixes.”

To ensure that issues encountered by complicated systems are resolved, the team plans to increase quality assurance testing. This means two things: the first is to have more testers, which Niantic has done so over the past two months. The second is automated testing, which can handle simple and routine tasks to allow the QA team to conduct more in-depth testing.

Known Issues Page

The team shared that the goal for this page to make sure that information is easily available to all Trainers, especially when it comes to bugs. However, the team said that it’s not “meant to be a comprehensive list of all issues we are aware of or are actively working to fix.”

One solution the team is looking into is to have a separate page for issues that are related to the Go Battle League. They’re also going to determine which issues appear on the general Known Issues page.

Other Updates

Pokémon GO announced that many Trainers want a wider range of Gift stickers that they can give to friends. The good news is that new Gift stickers are coming, so Trainers better prepare for that.

Another update is that with Mega Raids being introduced, there are going to be changes to raids. Raid tiers have been updated so that it only includes one-star raids, three-star raids, five-star raids, and Mega Raids. That means there’s also going to be changes to the rewards. For the one-star, three-star, and five-star raids, the speed bonus rewards Trainers with extra Premier Balls. Mega Raids, meanwhile, have the speed bonus reward Trainers with additional Mega Energy.

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