Pokémon GO: Two Mega-Evolved Legendary Pokémon Debuting

There's two of them.
There's two of them. Niantic

Two Mega-Evolved Legendary Pokémon are making their Pokémon GO debut. They'll be arriving in the game courtesy of the Pokémon Air Adventures event. But the wait won't be that long since the event starts tomorrow, May 3, and runs until May 8. The bonus from this event is that trainers only need 1/2 Egg Hatch Distance when Eggs are placed in an Incubator.

These two Legendary Pokémon are set to appear in Mega Raids. Mega Latias caught during the event period will know the Charged Attack Mist Ball. Meanwhile, caught Mega Latios will know the Charged Attack Luster Purge.

Here are the other details of this event:

  • Trainers can encounter these Pokémon in the wild:
    • Flying Pikachu
    • Jigglypuff
    • Meowth
    • Psyduck
    • Doduo
    • Magikarp
    • Wingull
    • Swablu
    • Drifloon
  • Those lucky enough might encounter:
    • Charizard
    • Mantine
  • Timed Research
    • Focused on catching Pikachu and Flying-type Pokémon available throughout the event.
    • Complete the research to earn:
      • 50 Latias Mega Energy
      • 50 Latios Mega Energy
      • 3,000 XP
      • An encounter with Flying Pikachu
  • These Pokémon appear in raids:
    • Three-Star Raids
      • Charizard
      • Lapras
      • Togekiss
    • Mega Raids
      • Mega Latias
      • Mega Latios
  • ​These Pokémon hatch from 7 km Eggs:
    • Togepi
    • Mantyke
    • Emolga
    • Noibat
  • Trainers can encounter these Pokémon when they complete Field Research tasks:
    • Flying Pikachu
    • Doduo
    • Swablu
    • Emolga

Learn more about this new event here. Pokémon Air Adventures is part of the events scheduled for May. Read more about what's happening in May here.

Change to Mega Evolved

Last week, Niantic revealed changes to Mega Evolution. In the game, Mega Evolution is an Evolution which temporarily changes the appearance of a Pokémon and increases its strength. To Mega Evolve Pokémon, trainers need to use Mega Energy. Highlights include:

  • Most Mega Raids are now easier, with trainers needing fewer people to take with them.
  • Trainers can Mega Evolve their Pokémon from raid and battle prep screens.
  • Pokémon that have been Mega Evolved before now have an additional visual effect to their information page in celebration of the achievement.

One interesting update is the introduction of Mega Levels. Basically, each time trainers Mega Evolves a Pokémon, they work toward increasing its Mega Level. As the Mega Level goes up, trainers get more bonuses. The bonuses stay active while the Pokémon is Mega Evolved. Learn more about the new feature here.

Pokémon GO is available on Android and iOS.

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