Pokemon Go Kyogre Guide: Best Counters To Beat The Raid

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Kyogre, the terror of the deep
Kyogre, the terror of the deep Niantic

Following the announcement of Pokémon Go’s Community Day, it looks like Sapphire’s giant behemoth is showing up to play. Kyogre, the giant whale that floods the world with nothing more than a wave of its flipper, is finally available to Raid. Now that Groudon, the giant earth titan, has returned back to its slumber, it’s time for Kyogre to shine. If you want to capture one of your very own, you’ll have to participate in a Raid battle that can take anywhere from five to 20 people to complete. You’ll have until 4 p.m. on Feb. 14 to claim a Kyogre before the beast disappears back into the sea.

You’ll want powerful Electric or Grass Pokémon to take it out, the more powerful the better. Raikou, the legendary dog with the oddest face, is your best bet, easily able to dish out massive amounts of damage without falling behind the curve. Zapdos is another option, but if you’re lacking in the legendary department, Executor or Sceptile works fine. Like Groudon, the fight with Kyogre will be difficult, but possible with the right amount of effort.

Kyogre’s basic attack is Waterfall, but has three Charge attacks: Blizzard, Hydro Pump and Thunder. Blizzard does the most damage—it’s incredibly hard to avoid and will destroy your Grass Pokémon, so keep that in mind. Pokebattler recommends fighting the beast in the rain, since you’ll get a stronger Kyogre and your Thunder monsters will do more damage. Standing out in the rain with a bunch of other trainers doesn’t sound like the most enjoyable experience, but sometimes getting what you want isn’t easy. If you need that virtual fix, outside conditions be damned, put on a poncho and go catch a Kyogre.

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