Pokémon GO Invites You to the Dragonspiral Descent Event

Look who's joining the game.
Look who's joining the game. Niantic

Eyes here trainers! Druddigon is officially making its debut in Pokémon GO. The Cave Pokémon joins the game courtesy of the Dragonspiral Descent, which starts today until December 12.

The thing is, Professor Willow believes that Druddigon may just be the first of many that may appear. That’s because many Pokémon that also call Dragonspiral Tower their home. There could be an unprecedented surge of Fire-, Electric-, and Ice-type Pokémon appearing, which could be connected to Dragon-type Legendary Pokémon of Unova.

In celebration of the new event and the debut of Druddigon, there’s a new Collection Challenge. Those able to finish this challenge receive 1,000 XP, 3,000 Stardust, and an encounter with Druddigon.

There’s also a special one-time-purchase Event Box available for 175 PokéCoins and it features three Remote Raid Passes.

Here are some of the details that everyone can expect from this new event:

  • These Pokémon appear more frequently in the wild:
    • Vulpix
    • Seel
    • Dratini
    • Mareep
    • Sneasel
    • Trapinch
    • Blitzle
    • Darumaka
  • Those lucky enough could encounter:
    • Dragonair
    • Vibrava
    • Deino
  • These Pokémon can be encountered in raids:
    • One-Star Raids
      • Tynamo
      • Litwick
      • Cubchoo
      • Golett
      • Deino
    • Three-Star Raids
      • Electabuzz
      • Magmar
      • Lapras
      • Dragonite
      • Druddigon
    • Five-Star Raids
      • Reshiram
      • Zekrom
    • Mega Raids
      • Mega Steelix
      • Those lucky enough might encounter a Shiny one.
  • These Pokémon can be encountered when completing Field Research tasks:
    • Dratini
    • Sneasel

Season of Heritage

Dragonspiral Descent is the second event introduced in Season of Heritage. This new season started on December 1 and it will run until March 1. After that, there’s one more event launching this month, though it’s not been revealed yet. Like any new season, there are monthly bonuses:

  • December
    • 2X Stardust for the first catch of each day.
  • January
    • 2X XP for the first catch of each day.
  • February
    • Increased Candy XL from hatching Eggs.
    • 2X XP from hatching Eggs.

Learn more about the Season of Heritage here.

Of course, those are not the only things happening in December. There’s the Community Day on December 18 and the usual monthly events, which you can read more about here.

Pokémon GO is available on Android and iOS.

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