Pokémon Go Is Bringing A Big Change With Its Go Beyond Update

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Something big is coming.
Something big is coming. Niantic

When 2020 started, it was clear that Pokémon Go had some big plans. However as with anything planned this year, everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked, or rather when the pandemic arrived. Fortunately for Trainers, developer Niantic was quick to adjust and made some updates. The Pokémon Go Fest, for example, became a fully virtual event.

As the year is about to close, there’s good news for Trainers worldwide. Pokémon Go is set to receive its biggest update yet. Dubbed as the Go Beyond update, it’s going to arrive on November 30. Today we take a look into what Go Beyond has to offer.

Increased Level Cap

For starters, the upcoming update is going to rebalance the leveling system, part of which is increasing the level cap to 50. Trainers that manage to reach level 40 before the year ends will receive exclusive rewards. That may appear to be difficult, but don’t worry as there’s experience bonuses that should make it much easier to level up. New Trainers in particular should be able to feel that the new leveling system is indeed more rewarding.

Introducing Seasons

One big change is the introduction of Seasons. Generally, a season is going to run for three months. During the season, there’s still in-game events, though this time they will be more heavily tied to the season itself. Aside from the regular changes, expect to see updates to Mega Evolution Pokémon. Additionally, the Go Battle League is set to have changes to its format, rankings, and even rewards structure.

The inaugural season starts on December 1 at 8:00 AM local time, and is titled Season of Celebration. There’s going to be a series of in-game events where Trainers can meet Pokémon from different regions, even ones from the Kalos region.

After the Season of Celebration ends, a new global event experience is set to be introduced. Details of this event are to be revealed soon.

Meet New Pokémon

We’ve mentioned the Kalos region and beginning on December 2, Pokémon discovered from this area are set to appear in the game. These include, among others:

  • Chepsin
  • Fennekin
  • Pyroar
  • Froakie
  • Fletchling

There’s also related events that everyone can look forward to. For example, a Special Celebration Event is scheduled to start on December 2 and run until December 8. Trainers can also expect a Mysterious Raid Egg, where a rather mysterious Pokémon will hatch from a one-star Raid Egg.

Aside from all of these, there’s the usual quality of life improvements that come with any update. Expect to see updates on encountering and catching Pokémon, Adventure Sync, Buddy Adventure, Field Research, Gifts, and many more.

What are your thoughts on this, Trainers? Are you excited for the Go Beyond update? Let us know in the comments section below.

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