Pokémon GO is Giving Trainers a Chance to be Part of the Game

Be part of the game.
Be part of the game. Niantic

One of the exciting things about playing Pokémon games is the chance to experience what it means to be a Trainer. Of course, there’s no question that Pokémon battles are just as exciting. Then, some games allow Trainers to customize their avatars to fit their personalities.

Pokémon GO is going one step further and offering players a chance to be part of the game. That’s right! If you’re lucky enough, you may get to be one of the new Trainer characters in the game. Interested yet?

Before we go into some of the details, during the Pokémon GO Tour: Kanto event, there are going to be Trainer characters on the in-game map. Players can find and battle these characters even if they don’t have a ticket to the event.

So, who are these new Trainers? That’s what the new competition is all about. From January 4 to January 11, Trainers must post their entry on Twitter that include these elements:

  • A screenshot of the player’s Trainer profile that includes their Trainer name and shows off their avatar’s outfit.
  • A list of three Pokémon that would make up their team.
    • These Pokémon must be among those originally discovered in the Kanto region and cannot include Ditto, or any Legendary or Mythical Pokémon.
  • Include the hashtag #PokemonGOTourContest

The Pokémon GO team will judge the entries based on these:

  • Creativity of avatar outfit.
  • General theme.
  • Pokémon team composition.

What are you waiting for?

Collection Challenges

That’s not all! Check out the Collection Challenges. This is to give Trainers a rather handy guide when collecting Pokémon featured in certain events. There’s a different in-game event that features various Collection Challenges, which should help players become the best Trainers they can be.

Are you up to the challenge?
Are you up to the challenge? Niantic

To begin the Collection Challenge, simply go to Today View to see which ones are part of the challenge. Note that each challenge ends once the corresponding in-game event also ends.

For the first Collection Challenge, it’s going to be Unova-themed, so Trainers need to catch Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott, Lillipup, Herdier, Roggenrola, Solosis, Ferroseed, and Blitzle. In return, they will receive rewards of 3,000 Stardust, 25 Poke Balls, and 5 Rare Candy.

Time to start collecting.

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