PlayStation VR Games: Five Titles From Oasis Games To Drop During Launch Window

oasis games playstation vr

The PlayStation VR headset is still set for an October release and China-based Oasis Games is looking to jump into the North American video game scene by launching five VR games in the launch window of the PSVR.

Oasis Games debuted on PlayStation in North America with KOI and now looks to bring new games to the table.

iDigitalTimes got some hands-on time with four of the five games that Oasis Games are launching and spoke with Martho Ghariani, PlayStation Business Development, Oasis Games about the games and VR in general, which you can see in the video above.

Ace Banana and Pixel Gear are Oasis’ shooters that let players become an archer and gunner respectively. Our very own Bob Fekete had some time with both games and here’s his first impressions:

Ace Banana and Pixel Gear were available to try out, both having a similar arcade shooter feeling to them. Ace Banana is an archery game, with players having to shoot monkeys who are trying to steal your supply of bananas. Pixel Gear looks like someone took Minecraft and mashed it with the arcade game Beach Head 2000. Ace Banana can suffer from control problems, with aiming not being very accurate. This is also a bummer, seeing as how you need to keep one arm outstretched throughout your entire play session, which becomes uncomfortable fast. Pixel Gear isn’t as taxing on your arm and the controls feel more finely tuned, but gameplay is still repetitive and pretty dull.”

Oasis Games’ horror titles for the PlayStation VR are Weeping Doll and Dying Reborn . Weeping Doll puts you in the body of a maid of a Japanese home, trying to solve a mystery about the house.

While the game became a bit buggy in certain areas, the controls (which used the DualShock controllers) were smooth and responsive. However, Weeping Doll is more of a mystery game than a horror game. While there are some creepy elements, players who are not fans of jump scares can rest easy with this game.

Dying Reborn , on the other hand, is another animal. Using the DualShock controllers, the controls and responsiveness of the game was sharp and the Unreal Engine gave the graphics of the game a big boost. The definition was so high that my eyes had to adjust when I first put the headset on because it made me a tad dizzy. The creepiness factor is all over but I was really enthralled by puzzles you had to solve to escape every room.

If you ever went to an “Escape the Room” experience with friends or coworkers, this is very similar: you need to pick up and open everything to find clues to open safes and locks.

The PlayStation VR is set to release Oct. 13, with all five Oasis Games expected to launch shortly after.

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