PlayStation Store Is Removing PS3, PS Vita, And PSP Content

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With the PlayStation 5 approaching its launch, Sony has been implementing a series of new changes both to its current PS4 console and to the PlayStation Store itself. Last week, Sony released a new system update for the PS4, which has also secretly patched several PS4 games, improved the Remote Play app, and updated its voice chat policy.

Although up until now the updates have only added or improved already existing features, the upcoming update for the PlayStation Store is aimed at removing certain features.

According to Kotaku, PlayStation users have been sent an official email which mentions that Sony will be launching its brand new PlayStation Store app on the web and mobile devices from October 21 to 26. The company also mentioned that during this period, users will not be able to access certain features on the PS Store. The new changes include removes the ability to buy PS3 games and add-ons, PSP games and add-ons, PlayStation Vita games and add-ons, apps, themes, and avatars. Additionally, the wishlist feature will be removed and any games you had on your wishlist will also be removed.

However, users can access this content directly via PS3, PSP, and PS Vita consoles. Those who wish to buy apps, themes, and avatars can download them via the PS Store on the PS4.

A majority of the PlayStation player base has moved to the PlayStation 4, and players will not miss certain features that the PlayStation Store update might introduce. However, fans will certainly miss the wishlist feature. Wishlists are an important component of any online store and it seems quite confusing as to why Sony would remove them. Since the latest system update and the voice chat policy, Sony has received a train of negative feedback, and the new changes to the PlayStation Store will only intensify the disappointment in fans.

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