PlayStation Fans Request Sony To Buy Konami

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Since Microsoft acquired ZeniMax Media recently, some upset PlayStation fans have been requesting Sony to purchase Konami. The reason why PlayStation fans are upset over Mircosoft's move is that many are now assuming that popular Bethesda games like The Elder Scrolls and Doom may become exclusive to Xbox. Fans started requesting Sony to buy Konami so frequently that it became a trend on Twitter.

Speaking of Konami, the Japanese developer has several popular video game franchises under its wing, including the Metal Gear series, Silent Hill, Castlevania, and more. Although there have been some rumors in the past suggesting that Sony is looking to purchase the Konami IP, the sale has yet to materialize. Even if Sony doesn't acquire Konami, it doesn't mean that the company will not score some exclusive Konami deals.

A recent rumor suggests that Sony and Konami reached a deal to develop a PS5-exclusive Silent Hill game. In fact, some sources also state that the game is currently in development at Sony's Japan Studio and it is expected to be revealed later this year. It remains to be seen whether these rumors surfacing on the internet are true or not. However, if what's being said turns out to be true, it could indicate a strong relationship between Sony and Konami.

Furthermore, Sony is already planning to acquire more studios, but it is unclear whether the acquisitions will be as large in scale as Microsoft acquiring Bethesda.

Microsoft's acquisition of Bethesda Games is undoubtedly a great move in changing the dynamics of the on-going console wars. But, it does not mean that Sony isn't confident with the number of games it has revealed for the PlayStation 5, and many of them already look exciting and excellent.

On a related note, the PS5 is scheduled to launch on November 12 and Xbox Series X and S will launch two days earlier on November 10.

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