PlayStation at CEDEC 2022: Sales, Playtime, Trophy Percent, and More

US users at the top of titles played yearly.
Sony shared various numbers and data during their PlayStation presentation at CEDEC 2022.
Sony shared various numbers and data during their PlayStation presentation at CEDEC 2022. Sony

CEDEC (Computer Entertainment Developers Conference) 2022 was recently held last week, and various gaming companies in Japan joined to share their insights into the industry of computer entertainment. One of the stars of the event is Sony PlayStation, as despite now being hosted in California, the company originated from Japan and has a very strong following in the country. During its presentations, Sony shared some very interesting figures on PlayStation numbers, including overall playtime, yearly sales, Trophy percentages, and more. Check out a rundown below shared by a Twitter user.

The first specified in the thread is the number of titles played every year. US players stand at the top with 10.7 titles played every year, followed by Europe with 9.6 and Asia with 8.2. At the bottom sits Japan, with 5.9 titles. This is not that surprising, as Sony Interactive Entertainment has a very big presence in the US, with gaming extremely prevalent in Western countries.

However, contrasting those figures is the average playtime per title. In this department, Japan is the leader with 66.2 hours of average playtime per title, followed by the US at 28.7, Europe at 27.2, and Asia at 25.5. This means that even though Japanese players play the least titles yearly, they are also the ones that play these games the most.

Japanese users are also the most prevalent customers of Disc versions of games according to a survey, with the US sitting at the bottom. Given the dominance of digital sales across the entire gaming industry, this is not unexpected, and the charts show increased digital-only titles across all regions.

As for PlayStation Trophies, it’s still Japan reigning supreme with the highest trophy percentage among the top games on the platform. The US, on the other hand, sits at the bottom. Japan’s high placement here is not startling given that its players are also the ones spending the most time on each game.

Platinum Trophies are a bit different, with Asia and Europe standing at the top of most Plats for the top games. The US once again sits at the bottom, while Japan placed a comfortable third.

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