PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Gets Two More New Crates

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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds BLUEHOLE / PUBG CORP.

Another set of cosmetic items heads to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds this week, courtesy of two new loot crates (one paid and one free) introduced with the game’s latest patch. Although the arrival of the two new crates isn’t as exciting as the third map promised earlier this week, or the new features we’ll apparently learn about next month, the PUBG community can at least look forward to a few exciting weeks of action in the Steam Marketplace.

The new crates arrived one day after Bluehole and PUBG Corp. acknowledged recent work on Battlegrounds’ anti-cheat software has forced the dev team to put other features on the backburner. The crates should also take some of the sting off the news that mobile versions of PUBG, developed as part of a partnership between Bluehole and Tencent, offer Chinese fans a larger assortment of personalization options.

As we’ve come to expect, following the introduction of crates last fall, PUBG Corp. has added one premium and one free crate to the battle royale shooter. The former still require Early Bird keys to open while the latter has a 40 percent chance of dropping when Battle Points (BP) are spent on crates.

Here are the new crate drop rates:

  • Biker : 20 percent

  • Desperado : 20 percent

  • Fever : Purchased

  • Militia : 40 percent

  • Survivor : 10 percent

  • Wanderer : 10 percent

Each crate has a unique loot table. Most of the rare drops in the Fever crates (premium) belong to a “Zest” outfit while the Militia crate (free) unsurprisingly drops pieces of a military getup. Here are the drop rates for each item in Battlegrounds’ new crates, via PUBG Corp. :

FEVER items

  • Zest Turtleneck (White): 15 percent

  • School Shoes (Beige): 15 percent

  • Mesh Polo Shirt: 10 percent

  • Combat Gloves (Khaki): 10 percent

  • Checkered Shirt (Coral): 10 percent

  • Hi-top Canvas Sneakers (Pink): 10 percent

  • Retro Polo Shirt: 5 percent

  • Combat Pants (Coral): 5 percent

  • Zest Sunglasses: 4.5 percent

  • Zest Loafers with Socks: 4.5 percent

  • Denim Bootcut Pants: 4.5 percent

  • Zest Bootcut Pants: 2.5 percent

  • Zest Silk Scarf: 1.3 percent

  • Floral Retro Jacket: 1.3 percent

  • Zest Retro Jacket: 0.6 percent

  • Zest Denim Jacket: 0.32 percent

  • Cropped Corset: 0.32 percent

  • Zest Checkered Skirt: 0.16 percent


  • Tank Top (Gray): 20 percent

  • Raglan T-shirt (Red/White): 20 percent

  • Polo Shirt (Pink): 20 percent

  • Vintage Polo Shirt: 20 percent

  • Military Shirt (Gray): 6.5 percent

  • Military Trousers (Black): 6.5 percent

  • Long Sleeved Turtleneck (Black): 3 percent

  • Utility Belt (Brown): 1.4 percent

  • Camo Tank Top (Red): 1.4 percent

  • Military Boots (Black): 0.4 percent

  • Battle Belt: 0.28 percent

  • Vintage Gas Mask: 0.28 percent

  • Leather Bootcut Pants: 0.08 percent

  • Military Jacket (Black): 0.05 percent

  • Military Cap (Black): 0.05 percent

  • Cowboy Hat (Brown): 0.028 percent

  • Faux Leather Jacket: 0.0128 percent

  • Cowboy Hat (White): 0.0128 percent

  • Military Skirt (Black): 0.0064 percent

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is available on PC and Xbox One. A PS4 port is still expected at some point.

Be sure to check back with Player.One and follow Scott on Twitter for more PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds news in 2018 however long PUBG Corp. supports its battle royale shooter.

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