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Ghost Recon Breakpoint
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Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint releases tomorrow, October 4th. This action-packed military shooter game is set on a mysterious, hostile, and diverse open world island. You can play Ghost Recon Breakpoint in four-player co-op or you can choose to play it entirely solo.

Hunted down by ex-Ghost enemies, lost without support, and injured, players fight to survive on Auroa's diverse landscape. They have to decide the best strategies to take down their enemies and carefully plan their every move.

Ghosts can be customized in every aspect. In order to create a player's desired Ghost, they can choose among a wide range of available customization combinations. Various adjustments to Ghosts are possible, from their skills to their appearance. Thousands of combinations of upgradable weapons and gear and available to choose from. A new class system allows players prioritize assault, range, or stealth.

After creating their perfect Ghost, players will enter Auroa. This fictional world is an island, and is part of a remote archipelago somewhere in the South Pacific Ocean. Auroa is a vast land of biodiversity that ranges from snowy peaks to lush rain-forests. The island is the home of Skell Technology, a Silicon Valley giant.

The high tech company was initially interested in testing its autonomous drones at a remote site. However, Skell Technology eventually built its “World 2.0” on Auroa, a high-security, high-tech utopian world of robotics research and sustainable eco-cities. This remote Archipelago features 11 unique biomes that will challenge Ghosts to their limits. Players can also use the environment to their advantage as they evade enemies by disappearing into the jungle.

At launch, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint will come with 20 provinces to explore, ranging from the deepest swamps to the grandest fjords. There, you will meet and interact with various factions and characters that will have an impact on your mission to free Auroa from Wolves’ control.

The Wolves are a rogue unit of lethal ex-US military. They are under the command of Colonel Cole D. Walker. Having the same experience and training as the Ghosts, the Wolves are ready to take Ghosts down. What’s worse is that they took control of the drones and have seized the archipelago of Auroa for their own.

According to Ubisoft, the developer will add new seasonal post-launch content every four months, including equipment, gear, weapons, missions, special events, new story content, and new game modes.

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