‘Plants Vs. Zombies 2’ Power Plants Update: Seed Packets Will Strengthen Your Arsenal In New Ways

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'Plants vs Zombies 2' is available for iOS and Android EA/PopCap

The Plants vs Zombies 2 mobile game is getting a huge new update. This new Power Plants update will allow players to upgrade their plants to do a variety of things to help take down the zombie menace.

Some of these new Plants vs Zombies 2 upgrades include having plants deal more damage, cost less Sun, plant faster and much more.

To power up plants, players will need to obtain Seed Packets. Collecting specific Seed Packets will power up those specific plants. For example, Guacodile Seed Packets will level your Guacodile. Each plant requires a minimum number of Seed Packets to be eligible for an upgrade.

Check out the official Plants vs Zombies 2 update trailer below.

Seed Packets are found in new piñatas that can be earned by completing quests or from the in-game store. There are brand new quests added to the game that are faster to complete. They’ll also be playable again quickly, so players should check back several times each day for the opportunity to complete the quest again.

Piñatas can be world-specific, such as the “Jurassic Marsh Piñata,” or attribute specific, like the “Fire Piñata.” Piñatas will contain Seed Packets for several plants, matching either the world that the plants came from or the attribute that they share, depending on which piñata you open. If you’re lucky, you may even get some special bonus Seed Packets.

Once you’ve earned Seed Packets, just visit your Almanac or the Seed Chooser and hit the “Upgrade” button next to an eligible plant. You’ll know they’re ready when a full green bar and a green lightning bolt symbol appears. Once you’ve upgraded, you’ll see your plant’s stats improve. The power that you gain from leveling your plants is permanent. For example, if you upgrade Peashooter to level 5, every Peashooter that you plant will be level 5.

The new Power Plant update will make it easier for newer players to defeat the zombies but will also add new strategies for veteran players as the roles of certain plants may change as they get stronger.

The official Plants vs Zombies 2 blog has more information on the Power Plants update, so be sure to check it out.

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