Pixel Game Maker MV Release Date: Q4 2019 Launch Planned, Early Access Version Now Available

Version 1.0 will have an array of improved features.
Playism will officially release Pixel Game Maker MV sometime in Q4 2019.
Playism will officially release Pixel Game Maker MV sometime in Q4 2019. Playism

For those who’ve always dreamed of creating their very own action games, but lack the necessary programming know-how, Pixel Game Maker MV may be what you’ve been looking for this whole time. The Early Access title is expected to release its version 1.0 by Q4 2019, as announced by publisher Playism and developer Kadokawa Corporation.

Pixel Game Maker MV is the latest entry in the Maker series, which allows virtually anyone and everyone to create their very own action game from scratch with no programming knowledge necessary. The engine was designed with the idea to give a voice to people’s passions, which is evident in their simplistic tools to create the game of your dreams.

There are six main tools that prospective buyers should be familiar with. These include:

  • Resources - Prepare and arrange image assets required for your game
  • Tiles – Create “tiles” necessary for map field creation
  • Objects – Provide characters and items with various gimmicks
  • Animation – Enliven and enrich your graphics
  • Scenes – Build stages using tiles and objects
  • Transition – Connect scenes to bring your games into shape

Among its other features is an intuitive visual scripting system that both newbies and seasoned developers can get used to easily. Multiplayer games are also within your reach as Pixel Game Maker MV will allow you to build your own multiplayer modes, co-op or competitive local play, without any additional programming or plugins needed. Javascript support is also included to create additional plug-ins and actions that aren’t available in the intuitive Visual Scripting system. Other features are “Multi-Viewpoint” that will allow for either top and side-based views, graphic import features, physics engines, particle effects, and multiple layer combinations.

The version 1.0 release will include a number of user interface improvements which should fix the brunt of the complaints about the Early Access version. Other additions are Steam Workshop support, and a free demo version among many more.

The Early Access version of Pixel Game Maker MV is currently available for $84.99. The price will increase with its final release to $99.99.

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