Pikmin Bloom: Are You Ready for the Flower Planting Weekly Challenges?

A new challenge is here.
A new challenge is here. Niantic

A new update has been released for Pikmin Bloom; it introduces new features that improve the fun in daily walks, help players reach their wellness goals, and connect with loved ones and friends. It's a new kind of Weekly Challenge where the goal isn't about the number of steps made but the number of flowers planted. That means players now have two challenges to choose from every week.

It was back in April when Weekly Challenges were added to the game. Players were tasked with walking together to try and reach 20,000 or 100,000 steps. This also allowed players to remain connected with friends and see how many steps they've been taking wherever they are from.

Besides upping the challenge, Weekly Challenges now have an invite feature, so you no longer need to wait for other players to accept and join your challenge. With the invite option, players can now invite specific friends to be part of their challenges. This should make it that much easier to gather family or friends.

The development team shared that the “Invite Friends” feature generates an invite code that can be shared via social media, email, or even text.

By the way, players who join a challenge and complete it on the dates mentioned get special outfits for their Mii avatar as rewards:

  • “Explore” T-shirt when they join and complete a step-based challenge before July 17
  • “Flower” Print T-shirt when they join and complete a flower planting challenge before July 24

Community Day

The new feature revealed the Community Day happening this Sunday, July 17. This month, it’s all about the Big Flowers blooming and becoming lilies. For the duration of the event, the in-app bonuses are:

  • Big Flowers bloom into lilies when you plant regular blue, red, yellow, or white petals around them. Each Big Flower blooms for 3 hours only.
  • ​Players achieving the 10,000-step goal on this day get a special Lily Flower Badge.
  • Seedlings in the planter pack grow at 1.5x the usual speed.

Pikmin Bloom is available on Android and iOS.

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