Picross S8 Officially Announced for Nintendo Switch

Due out September 29.
Picross S8 is coming to the Nintendo Switch on September 29.
Picross S8 is coming to the Nintendo Switch on September 29. Jupiter Corporation

Jupiter Corporation and publisher Nintendo officially announced a new Picross game, arriving later this month. Picross S8, the eighth iteration for the long-running Picross S series, is coming to Nintendo Switch on September 29 at $9.99. Jupiter Corp. has put up an official web page, which features screenshots and a trailer. Check out the trailer for Picross S8 below.

As seen in the trailer, Picross S8 will feature a ton of new and various Picross puzzles, with multiplayer enabled for you and your friends to enjoy. Picross S8 will only be available via digital purchase through the Nintendo eShop, so those looking for a separate physical release are out of luck.

Up to four players can play Picross S8 on a single Nintendo Switch, with players able to use a single (L) or (R) Joy-Con as one controller. The game will feature a grand total of 485 puzzles - 300 Picross and Mega Picross puzzles - which are easily the bulk of the game and where most players will be spending their time. There are also 150 Clip Picross piece puzzles for players of advanced skill to enjoy once they finish with easier Picross puzzles.

After that, there are 30 Color Picross puzzles to discover, which will reward players with a moving finish screen once solved. Finally, there are five extra puzzles, with two large Picross puzzles available off the bat. The three remaining Picross puzzles can be unlocked by syncing previous save data from Picross S4, Picross S5, and Picross S6. All of the Picross S games are exclusive to Nintendo Switch, so you can easily purchase and carry over save data from these other games if you’re interested in unlocking all puzzles.

The announcement of Picross S8 peaks the series at 11 Picross S games; eight are mainline titles, while the remaining three are spin-offs and collaboration with different media. These are Kemono Friends Picross (collaboration with Kemono Friends media franchise), Picross Lord of the Nazarick (collaboration with the Overlord anime), and Picross S Genesis & Master System Edition (based on 59 classic Sega Genesis and Master System games).

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