Phasmophobia March 27 Update Brings New Objectives, Post-Game Screen, and Bug Fixes

Phasmophobia Steam/Kinetic Games

Phasmophobia, the four-player co-op horror game, that suddenly became popular received a small update recently. The patch brought several new things, made changes to existing content, and fixed a plethora of bugs.

The update added support for bHaptics tact suits - the best way to play Phasmophobia in VR. Over a dozen bugs were addressed as well, such as the VR dead bodies now spawning as intended and the white glare bug now gone. It also fixed the issues where you can’t hear your heartbeat when outside and holding a candle would drain your sanity.

The patch added four new objectives to the game with some are Professional objectives while others are Intermediate and Multiplayer objectives. They are mentioned in great detail below:

March 27 Update Changelog


  • The ghost will now have a chance to blow out candles if they are close and the room lights are off.
  • Added a new objective: Get a Ghost to blow out a Candle.
  • Added a new Intermediate and Professional objective: Have a member of your team escape the Ghost during a hunt.
  • Added a new Professional objective: Repel the Ghost with a smudge stick while it's chasing someone.
  • Added a new Multiplayer objective: Get an average sanity below 25%.
  • With the VR change to forward rendering, MSAA can now be used with VR and will default to 4xMSAA if enabled in the graphics settings.
  • Added a post-game screen showing some stats about your investigation.


  • The Crucifix will now have a visual change with each use instead of disappearing with final use.
  • The photo reward values now use a quality level which is based on the distance you took the photo rather than the reward being random. This quality level will show in the Journal.
  • Each player will now have a unique color on the mini-map and sanity monitor.
  • The VR rendering path has been changed from deferred to forward rendering. This will give better VR performance as well as fixing several graphical issues.
  • Changed the look of the sanity monitor to help players who are color-blind see the sanity values.

For more information about bug fixes, read the patch notes on Steam.

You can purchase Phasmophobia on Steam for $13.99 but that the game is still in Early Access, so expect some bugs.

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