Phasmophobia Hotfix v0.7.1.5; Steam Scream Fest Sale

Phasmophobia Hotfix v0.7.1.5
Phasmophobia Hotfix v0.7.1.5 Steam

Phasmophobia recently received Hotfix v0.7.1.5 to resolve numerous bugs. The developers have noted there are still bugs left to fix, and those will get sorted out in the upcoming updates. If you haven’t picked up Phasmophobia yet, now is a great time to get it for 20% cheaper. This is a limited-time offer as part of the Steam Scream Fest Sale.

Bug Fixes

Hantu is a ghost that can move around quickly when the area is cold. However, it would seem that Hantu got too fast when the room is between three and six degrees Celsius, which was not intended. So, devs fixed this issue and Hantu should no longer be extremely fast.

Devs also fixed an issue where players were unable to see their new level and experience after the reward screen. This is now resolved, and the game should correctly display your new level and experience.

Phasmophobia Hotfix v0.7.1.5

  • Moved a candy bucket in the upstairs bathroom on Ridgeview so VR players can reach it.
  • Objects will no longer desync when a player leaves the game.
  • Players will now disappear when they leave the game.
  • You no longer get more rewards when skipping the reward animation in some cases.
  • The challenge “Complete objectives in” will now show the map name after the value has changed.
  • Leaving a lobby through the journal will now remove your equipment from the lobby.
  • You can no longer light a smudge stick you aren’t holding, with an unlit lighter.
  • Applying a server browser filter now resets your page back to 1.
  • Weekly challenges will now display the progress correctly after a reset.
  • After the next reset, the weekly challenge “Complete an objective in random” will no longer be able to select the “random” map.
  • Photos are now much more accurate at detecting ghosts.
  • The Mare light switch ability stat will now sync between all players.
  • The volume will no longer spike when leaving a game.
  • The training “Are You Sure?” UI will now disappear after clicking yes.
  • The lobby radio voice will no longer spike in volume when joining a game.
  • You can now light smudge sticks that you haven’t grabbed.
  • Equipment will no longer spawn before everyone has loaded in if a player leaves or disconnects during loading.
  • You can now light non-grabbed smudge sticks with a candle.
  • VR players can now change other player volumes.
  • VR players can now place sensors.
  • The report button is now clickable in the VR Journal.
  • The player cards in the VR journal will no longer clip into the journal.

You can read more about the update here.

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