The Peterson Case Horror Game Trailer Digs Deeper Into The Roswell Mystery

The Peterson Case is bound to be very creepy.
The Peterson Case is bound to be very creepy. Quarter Circle Games

We have our fair share of zombies in the gaming sphere already, so it's good to see that we're finally adding some newer titles that add aliens into the mix. Specifically, an upcoming game from English developer Quarter Circle Games explores Roswell incident that UFO enthusiasts have researched for years. The title, called The Peterson Case, takes players to the 1947 Roswell crash and the weirdness that surrounded it.

The self-professed horror game will have players follows Detective Franklin Reinhardt as he investigates a deserted house whose residents have gone missing under mysterious circumstances. Set in 1947 in a remote area near the infamous Roswell site, the game will invite you to investigate the house as well as the myriad clues surrounding the family’s disappearance. The Peterson Case slowly turns into an investigation involving none other than aliens. Franklin must race to learn the truth “before it's too late,” whatever that means.

The announcement trailer does a decent job of setting the stage for what could be a pretty unique game, one of the most recent titles to explore the Roswell incident or aliens in the way only adventure games can. There haven’t been many games made specifically about Roswell or the theories about what actually happened there, at least not like this one, so it’ll be interesting to see how the company approaches the subject.

In the three-minute clip, we're treated to some pretty decadent visuals that bring to mind the excellent P.T., especially with how realistic the room and door look. There's also some sort of weird tentacle-like presence that's overtaking the house that our protagonist is exploring. A woman is standing in the hall, something obviously very wrong with her—and then the scene changes. You're taken through an opulent building, and then what looks to be the outside of a military camp, complete with guards. It's all unsettlingly realistic, and if this is indicative of the final quality of the horror game, it should make fans pretty happy, indeed.

The Peterson Case doesn’t have a release date just yet, but it’s set to debut on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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