The Perfect Tower II: Patch v0.9.8 B1 Revamps the Arcade with New Mini-Games

The Perfect Tower II
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The Perfect Tower II is a tower defense game but unlike other titles in this genre, there’s a collection of mini-games and puzzles to keep you entertained. Recently, the game received Patch v0.9.8 B1, which revamps the Arcade completely.

Arcade Revamp

Part of what makes The Perfect Tower II unique is the Arcade. Here, you can find mini-games if you don’t want to dabble in the tower defense aspect.

That said, three new mini-games have been added. They are the Lucky Wheel, Jumble, and Adventure. All of these require Arcade resources and can give various rewards. The amount you wager not only influences the number of gems and resources that you can win, but it affects your chances of obtaining better rewards as well.

You can also win some cards in the new mini-games. There are currently nine sets of five cards, with each card coming in different rarities. In addition, completing a set unlocks additional skill points, which are based on the set’s maximum rarity. You can gain up to 32 skill points per set. The Arcade can give you a total of 1,488 skill points which you can use at any point in the game.

Aside from the massive changes mentioned, the Hard mode has also been added to challenges. Here, the boosts that your tower normally provides are not applied. Moreover, the waves of enemies are doubled, giving you a fun and challenging time.

Patch v0.9.8 B1 Highlights

  • Added option Size (UI)
  • Added experimental option Dynamic Rendering to disable rendering when the game is not focused
  • Added AI function UI: Size
  • Added Power Plant Boost for Trading Post
  • Added skill Synergy to the Workshop
  • Arcade
    • Added Power Plant Boost
    • Added tutorial
    • Added trading cards
    • Added worker for Arcade
    • Added skill "Foretelling"
    • Added skill "Gamblers Luck"
    • Added skill "High Stakes"
    • Added skill "Fate Forging"
    • Added skill "Extended Possibilities"
    • Added skill "Determination"
  • Replaced "favor conversion" Town Perk with "coin rewards"
  • Changed base conversion rate of Arcade from 100,000 to 25,000
  • Downgrading modules inside the Workshop does not require a skill anymore
  • Changed Headquarters UI to match the new style
  • Modifier UI in town now properly refreshes upon reopening
  • AI scripts can now be put into packages
  • Increased contrast of building buttons in the building skills menu
  • Background of skills and military perk UI is now slightly darker in favor of higher contrast
  • Background of skills now gets a slight tint based on selected building color

You can read the full patch notes here.

The Perfect Tower II is available on PC.

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