The Perfect Tower II: Patch v0.9.1.0 B1 Implements the First Laboratory Rework

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The developers of The Perfect Tower II have released a new update recently. Patch v0.9.1.0 B1 implements the first part of the laboratory rework, making some timely improvements that simplify its overall feel and process.

The original implementation of the Laboratory - a place where you can perform various experiments to unlock elemental damage/resistance bonuses and modules - has been very clunky. This is why the devs have reworked everything to make the UI more consistent.

One of the biggest changes is that experiments with multiple components now have a button to let you buy the maximum number available in one go. Other areas with upgrades that you can buy multiple times now have a similar feature, which is done by right-clicking.

In addition, your chosen prestige upgrades can now be viewed on a small skill tree. You can also reset them at any time so you can re-allocate them as you see fit.

The second part of the laboratory rework will be released in future updates. Some of the things that you can expect include shortcuts to store-specific patterns and additional worker tasks for even more automation of various experiments.


  • Values of all experiments have been rebalanced
  • Replaced the UI to match the new style and for a better user experience
  • Added UI effects to highlight that an experiment can be "prestiged" or that it has unclaimed goals
  • Refactored the prestige system
  • Added new prestige upgrades to experiments
  • Prestige upgrades can now be reset
  • Replaced the Light experiment with a new experiment
  • Added new components to universal experiment progress bars in the exotic experiment now appear filled instead of flickering when they get too fast
  • Buy max options are now available for most upgrades
  • Experiment goals are now based on the highest score instead of the current score
  • More complex mutations now yield more points in nature experiment
  • "+" buttons have been removed for a gem or exotic gem amount display
  • Added adventure room coordinates to debug overlay
  • Added tooltip to Blueprint Button in Workshop
  • Added skill "Science Funds" to Laboratory
  • Added exotic skill "Fundamentals" to Laboratory
  • Added exotic skill "Forces" to Laboratory
  • Added exotic skill "Universal Theorem" to Laboratory
  • Increased heart and bomb drops in Adventure past distance 100

The Perfect Tower II Patch v0.9.1.0 B1 is available on PC.

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