Payday 2 Cartel Business Update Announced Along With 199 Mark 2 Patch Notes

Payday 2

Payday 2 was released back in 2013, and even after seven years, the game is getting post-launch content. Just today, Payday 2 developers announced the Cartel Business Update. The update adds more heists, guns, and suits. You will be able to play the latest heist called The San Martín Bank Heist, and you can either go gun-blazing Rambo-style, or take a more stealthy approach. Just be careful about the Mexican police. A new weapon pack called Federales Weapon Pack is also available, and includes three pistols with a combined fire rate of 2851 rounds per minute.

The latest update also removed the ability to buy or sell a drill or an unopened safe on the marketplace. All old safes that previously required drills to open them can now be unlocked without a drill. More information about the Drill and Marketplace changes are mentioned here, along with the complete Update 199 Mark II Changelog.

Update 199 Mark II Changelog

Update size: 1.9 GB​


  • Added a new specific interface icon to indicate that an inventory item is unlocked by achievement
  • Ghost Riders achievement now correctly recognizes the One Down difficulty mask
  • Moved some settings from Advanced Video options to User Interface options
  • Players can now switch AI heisters' masks and weapons quickly in the crew management screen by hovering and scrolling the mouse wheel


  • Fixed a crash that could occur when a player dropped into a game where someone was using converted cops
  • Fixed an issue where cops could sometimes get stuck in a "hands up" position if players used concussion grenades
  • Fixed an issue with night vision masks not showing the players last life as grey
  • Fixed so that all cameras you can observe will start at their max zoom out position
  • Fixed so that clients can no longer enter crew management when in a lobby


  • Border Crossing - Fixed an issue where a blown door would clip with the stairs in the big warehouse
  • Border Crossing - Fixed an issue where a gas can could spawn inside a pile of boxes, making it inaccessible
  • Border Crossing - Fixed so that players are no longer able to throw bags in unreachable places on the hangar doors
  • Golden Grin Casino - Fixed an issue where the laser trail effect did not match with the actual position of the BFD drill
  • Hoxton Breakout - Fixed so that players can no longer put equipment on the moving armored car
  • White House - Fixed an issue where players could grab thermite through a wall


  • Fixed a bug that made the Arbiter Grenade launcher display all skins at the same time when previewing
  • Fixed a clipping issue with using the Joceline shotgun and the Raincoat outfit
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when customizing an armor skin
  • Fixed an issue with Bonnie's head being slightly misaligned when wearing the Scrubs outfit

Text and Language

  • Added missing inventory text for the Stainless Steel Syringe to inform players that it deals additional poison damage
  • Fixed a faulty subtitle saying nine instead of eight when counting bags
  • Updated achievement requirement to correctly indicate "Bullet Hell" instead of "10/10"
  • Updated references to Hotline Miami 2 Digital Special Edition to use the correct name
  • Updated the unlock info for the achievement "BAAaa...*BANG*...aaAAH" to use the correct name of the mask
  • Updated the unlock info for the achievement "Heisters of the Round Table" to use the correct name of the material
  • Updated the unlock info for the achievement "Pass the Ammo" to use the correct name of the mask

Any mods you have installed may interfere with the update, so please disable them to avoid crashes until the modders have had time to update their mods. If you are experiencing crashes please read this thread for more information.

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