The Path of Redemption is Now Open in Warhammer 40,000: Darktide

It's time to go for redemption. Fatshark

The latest update for Warhammer 40,000: Darktideis finally here. Path of Redemption offers players a lot of new content.

To get started, players need to head on over to the lower end of the menu. There they should see the track of the Path of Redemption. There are different rewards to unlock and what players receive is based on how many Penance Points were gathered during their time in Inquisitor Grendyl's warband in the fight for Atoma.

Now once a penance has been completed and players return to the Mourningstar, they should get a prompt to visit Hestia in Shrine Penitentax. This visit serves as the confirmation that their endeavors have been completed and that they have to retrieve any points and rewards that have been linked to them.

Once enough penances have been completed and sufficient Penance Points collected, they should get the chance to unlock the next reward in the track. Similar to those earned from penances, rewards obtained from the Path of Redemption appear as locked items in the inventories of the players until they are redeemed.

Overall, there's a total of 45 tiers available in the Path of Redemption. However, there's a plan to add more tiers over time. Rewards that can be earned include a collection of frames, insignias, end-of-round poses, emotes, trinkets, weapon skins, and backpacks. Theres also going to be character cosmetics like the Loyalist Moebian 6th armor. Players should also be happy to know that the outfits which have been showcased in the trailers and cinematics can now be accessed through the Path of Redemption. These are commonly referred to as the Darktide 7, which is Zola's most trusted strike team.

Reworked Penance Menu

Now we've been talking about penances and this new update makes changes on that feature. In particular, the screen where penances were collected have been replaced with a new overhauled and extended menu that's composed of three main elements.

Like how the old screen had a list of penances which players could complete, this new screen has all the previous and new penances in one place. In addition, it divides the different penances into 10 categories. A lot of players should recognize this from the old menu but there are also new ones. For example, the Offensive, Defensive, and Team categories in the previous screen have all been condensed into what is now the Tactical category. Meanwhile, regular and "redacted" class-specific penances have also been merged together.

When browsing this screen, players can choose between two display modes. The first is a grid which shows penances as smaller badges with their icons. This is meant to serve as an overview of the total progress that players have obtained.

The second meanwhile is a more classic list view which have two columns that sorts in-progress penances first and then place the completed ones at the bottom. This way players at a glance can see what they are progressing on together along with a summary of the penance description.

Furthermore, Hestia remembers the preferences of the players and showcase penances in their last used display mode if they close and re-open the menu.

You can check out the other changes that came with the new update here.

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide is available for the PC and the Xbox Series X/S.

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