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Path of Exile received an update today. The patch makes some tweaks to the Harvest, while overall optimization was also improved upon. Storage Tank capacity has been increased, and now it will hold over 1,000 condensed Lifeforce. Speaking of Storage Tanks, now you can craft a larger Storage Tank with Harvest Crafting. Auto-plant ability is also made available if Harvest Crafting is available. Heart of the Grove descriptions have been updated to be more clear.

All the changes are mentioned below and on the official site.

Path of Exile Patch Notes 1.55

PS4 Specific

  • Fixed a bug which prevented belts from being enchanted in the Eternal Labyrinth of Potential.

Harvest Improvements

  • Storage Tanks can now hold up to 1,000 Condensed Lifeforce.
  • Added a larger Storage Tank which can be created through Harvest Crafting.
  • Added slots to the Seed Stockpile which can hold Buds, Flowers and Blossoms.
  • Improved the visual clarity of Harvest Crafting descriptions.
  • You can now auto-plant while Harvest Crafting is still available.
  • Clarified the descriptions of how to grow (and regrow) the Heart of the Grove.
  • Fixed a bug where the “Sacrifice a Corrupted Gem to gain x% of the gem’s quality as Gemcutter’s Prisms” could return a stack of Gemcutter’s Prisms with a stack size of 0.
  • Fixed a bug preventing enchanting of a Map (using Harvest crafting) if it already had Delirium applied to it.

General Improvements

  • Added a “Camera Rotation Effects” Option. This can be disabled to prevent effects similar to that found in the Veritania, The Redeemer encounter room.
  • All Vault doors are now automatically opened in a Blighted Vault Map.
  • The exit from Vaal Oversoul’s arena now unlocks significantly sooner.
  • Updated the audio of the Miracle Map Device.
  • Improved the default volume of audio effects in the Elder encounter.
  • Fixed a bug where blocking a Hit did not always count as having been Hit for the sake of some “have been hit Recently” modifiers.
  • Fixed a bug where Sirus, Awakener of Worlds could dismount his throne if there was a dead player underneath it.
  • Fixed a bug where Metamorphs could fail to take any actions if they were stunned before having taken an action.
  • Fixed a bug where the Mineshaft that Niko drills could intersect with other Azurite Mine encounter nodes.
  • Fixed a bug where Betrayal Fortification encounters were unable to spawn in the Desert Map.
  • Fixed a bug where Entity of the Void’s Flameblast was much smaller than intended.
  • Fixed a bug where skeletons summoned by the Bringer of Bones nemesis modifier were always level 4.
  • Fixed a bug where monsters could spawn in an inaccessible location in the Chateau Map.
  • Fixed a bug where the exit from the Lava Chamber boss arena didn’t lock during combat with Fire and Fury.
  • Fixed a bug where the Insatiable Malice Weapon Effect was not attached to the correct part of the Demonic Weapon cosmetic.
  • Fixed a bug where Labyrinth rotating traps didn’t have shadows.

Skills & Passives Fixes

  • The first wave from Sunder is now slightly closer to the player to fix a case where very close targets weren’t being hit.
  • Mirage Saviours, Mirage Warriors and Mirage Chieftains spawned by The Saviour unique legion sword, General’s Cry and Tawhoa’s Chosen respectively can no longer be stunned.
  • Added a larger visual to the aura granted by The Torrent’s Reclamation unique belt.
  • Updated the audio of Crystal Earthquake Effect and Demonic Earthquake Effect.
  • Added audio to Brands when they attach to monsters.
  • Fixed a bug where the Master of Metal ascendancy passive would not always grant added Physical Damage.
  • Fixed a bug where, while you had the Supreme Ego keystone allocated, activating a temporary aura (through the use of March of the Legion) would turn off Malevolence or Zealotry.
  • Fixed a bug where Glimmerwood Sunder didn’t play audio for waves beyond the first when supported by Fist of War Support.

Bloom Improvements

  • Reduced the brightness of the Demonic Weapon cosmetic while it had Blood Guard Weapon Effect applied to it.
  • Reduced the brightness of the following effects: Celestial Herald Effect, Crystal Earthquake Effect, Dragon Fireball Effect, Huntsman Aura Effect, Pandemonium Portal Effect, Ringmaster Weapon Effect, Sentinel Portal Effect and Thaumaturgy Wings.

Crash Fixes

  • Fixed two instance crashes.
  • Fixed an instance crash that could occur in the Labyrinth.
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