Paragon: The Overprime Latest Update Introduces the Cute Guardian of Tindall Maco

Maco, the Guardian of Tindall
Maco, the Guardian of Tindall NetMarble

Paragon: The Overprime has a new hero in town and it’s the lovable and cute guardian of Tindall named Maco.

Meet the New Hero

Maco, the Guardian of Tindall
Maco, the Guardian of Tindall NetMarble

Maco is small in stature, but don’t let that fool you. This cute creature is a master of magic capable of utilizing gemstones to deal damage and keep foes at bay.

His basic attack involves him throwing gemstones at enemies, dealing physical damage, with the gemstones having a chance to explode. Enemies caught by the explosion are pushed back and dealt bonus magical damage.

Maco’s RMB skill prompts him to launch a gemstone at a target location. This gemstone detonates after a short time or when enemies come within range, dealing magical damage and pushing them back. Maco can also detonate the gemstone manually by pressing the right mouse button again.

Aside from his offensive prowess, Maco can support his allies with Maco Gift. When used, Maco throws a gemstone that heals allies and boosts their movement speed.

Conversely, if the gemstone from Maco Gift hits an enemy, it deals magical damage to that foe, decreasing their healing and shield for a set duration.

Anyway, Maco can slow enemies down with Maco Fly. With this ability, Maco leaps forward and deals magical damage to hostiles within range. Those hit by the impact are slowed down for a set duration, pretty useful when chasing dying enemies.

Maco’s ultimate ability, Maco Strike, has a lot of different effects that can benefit allies and harm enemies. Basically, he pushes a giant gemstone forward that explodes upon impact, dealing magical damage to nearby enemies and stunning them for a set duration. It also leaves a Maco Stamp on the ground that slows opponents within its area of effect. Furthermore, allies who stand in this area recover a portion of their HP.

While it’s unlikely that Maco can kill opponents all by himself, he can help his allies instead to ensure victory.

What do you think? Will Maco be an important part of a team in Paragon: The Overprime? Will he just be another hero to be forgotten over time?

Paragon: The Overprime March 28 update is available on PC.

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