Paladins: RWBY Crossover Pass Now Available

RWBY Update
RWBY Update Evil Mojo Games

Are you a fan of the popular animated web series RWBY? If so, the latest update for Paladins may entice you because it brought the new RWBY Crossover Pass. What are the things that you can expect? Read further to learn more.

New Themed Content

Ruby Rose Vora Skin
Ruby Rose Vora Skin Twitter/@PaladinsGame

Ruby Rose and her team of huntresses have joined Paladins via the new RWBY Crossover Pass. Various skins and other rewards can be unlocked by playing the game, though you can already use the Ruby Rose skin for Vora just by purchasing the new pass. Besides that, a 50% Gold and XP boost will instantly be unlocked. Here are the rewards that you can get just by playing Paladins with the new Crossover Pass:

  • Level 4
    • Weiss Schnee Static Avatar
  • Level 7
    • White Fang’s Bite Death Stamp
  • Level 9
    • Yang Xiao Long Imani
  • Level 10
    • Yang Xiao Long Static Avatar
  • Level 11
    • Ruby’s Mark Static Spray
  • Level 13
    • Blake Belladonna Static Avatar
  • Level 17
    • Life and Death - Death Card
  • Level 18
    • Team RWBY 3D Spray
  • Level 19
    • Blake Belladonna Saati
  • Level 22
    • Over the Threshold Loading Frame
  • Level 24
    • Zwei Love You! Animated Spray
  • Level 28
    • Ruby Rose Animated Avatar
  • Level 29
    • Weiss Schnee Furia

The Salem Seris and Qrow Branwen Corvus skins can be acquired either from Mythological Treasures Chest or by direct purchase.

Salem Seris Skin
Salem Seris Skin Evil Mojo Games

Quality-of-Life Changes

The RWBY Update for Paladins also brought a lot of interesting changes. For one, new options have been added as Advanced Settings in custom games. You can tweak the following parameters based on your preference:

  • Disable Health Regen
  • Global Cooldown Reduction
  • Global Movement Speed
  • In-hand Attack: Damage Amplifier
  • Starting Credits
  • Ultimate Cooldown

Another QoL change is that you can now enable or disable the Auto-Buy feature during a match. This setting can be found within the Item Store’s menu.

There are some changes to the ability order and free champion roster as well, which you can read them below:

Unified Ability Order
  • The new HUD ability order default for both centered and uncentered is:
  • In-hand | Offhand | Ability 1 | Ability 2 | Ultimate
  • Existing accounts will have the [ability] order they’re used to preserved as either Legacy Centered or Legacy Uncentered.
  • The out-of-match Champion screen and in-match Ability Info screen will match the new default order.
Update Free Champion Roster
  • We’ve replaced a few Champions with ones that are more new-player friendly. Players who owned them previously will be awarded them (so no one will lose a Champion they have masteries/skins for), but new players will instead have access to the new set.

Paladins RWBY Update is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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