Paladins: Monstercat Update Features Betty La Bomba

New Champion: The Bomb Queen, Betty La Bomba
New Champion: The Bomb Queen, Betty La Bomba Hi Rez Studios

The fiery bomb queen, Betta La Bomba, brings her explosive arsenal to Paladins with the newly released Monstercat update. This hefty content patch also implements plenty of balancing changes and improvements.

New Champion

Betty La Bomba is called the “Bomb Queen” for a reason. Her main weapon is the grenade launcher, and when fired, the grenade bounces and explodes after two seconds in a small area.

Her Alt-fire, Cluster Grenade, is where she launches a special grenade that creates additional explosives depending on the number of enemies hit. The initial explosion deals a small amount of damage, while secondary explosions go off after three seconds and deal 500 damage in an area.

Hail of Bombs is Betty’s first ability. She throws a magazine that looks like a small barrel containing a chock full of explosives. Then, the explosives would launch upward and land randomly in a 20-unit radius, dealing 390 damage.

Her second ability, Explosive Personality, lets her jump forward up to three times before it goes on cooldown. Any enemy within a 35-unit radius is knocked back and receives 300 damage. This is pretty good whenever she is in a pickle, though it can be used offensively as well.

Long Live the Queen, her ultimate, is a funny yet damaging ability where she summons the biggest bomb in her kit and rides it toward her enemies. Once the bomb hits, enemies caught in the explosion get 1,700 damage and are knocked away from each other. Reactivating this ability before the bomb hits anything will send it flying by itself in a straight line.

You can read and learn more about her talents and cards on the official website of Paladins.

Patch Highlights

The Anti-heal being automatically applied to your weapon attacks is getting a bit of a change. New timing is as follows:
  • Siege
    • Base level 25%, scaling 5% every 60 seconds to a maximum of 90%
    • Changed from 60 seconds to 50 seconds
  • Onslaught and King of the Hill
    • Base level 25%, scaling 5% every 45s to a maximum of 90%
    • Changed from 45 seconds to 40 seconds
  • Binary Star
    • Refire Time on Star Splitter with Binary Star talent changed to 0.5
  • Distortion Field
    • Enemy Ground Speed Debuff increased to 15%
  • Asymmetrical Warfare
    • Change the healing to allies and damage to enemies while inside of the distortion field:
    • Healing increased to 125
    • Damage increased to 200
  • Vivify
    • Change to her Immunity state when casting Vivify:
    • Damage immunity while casting Vivify changed to 50% damage reduction while casting Vivify
  • Sigil
    • Projectile and Damage changes:
    • Damage reduced to 435
    • Projectile speed reduced to 250

So, what can you say about the new Champion, Betty La Bomba?

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