Paladins: Last Remains Update Buffs Vora and Lex

Last Remains Update
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In the recently launched Last Remains Update for online hero shooter Paladins, certain champions like Vora and Lex received favorable adjustments.

Lex’s “The Law” ability is not as effective as the developers had hoped. This is because enemies were able to escape it due to its long startup time. To make it more viable and appealing to use, the pre-fire delay is reduced to just one second and it now resets the cooldown of “In Pursuit” as well.

Vora has now become a more potent champion in Paladins with the latest changes. The developers want to establish her role as a flank, so her projectile speed, as well as her pre-talent mobility, have been increased.

More specifically, the projectile speed of her Deadly Scythe is increased by 10%. On top of that, Tendril has its cooldown reduced to 10 seconds to lower the downtime of the skill. This change allows Vora to propel herself toward her target more times per match than before.

The Last Remains Update implements a lot more balancing changes. You can read some of them below:

  • Cursed Revolver
    • Duration reduced to 1 second
    • Base damage decreased to 10
    • Damage increase per tick reduced to +1.0/tick
    • Reduced max damage per tick to 35
  • Dome Shield
    • Increased Dome Shield’s Flamethrower Turrets range to 30
    • Flamethrower Turret is no longer destroyed on Dome destruction
Bomb King
  • Royal Subjects
    • Now reduced ammo to 4
  • Storm of Blades
    • Now refills Caspian’s Ammo when cast
  • War
    • Increased ammo count to 21
  • Deadly Momentum
    • Reduced delay after spin to 0.175 seconds
  • Moonlight
    • Reduced healing to 135
  • Life Link
    • Increased healing to 320
  • Goddess’ Blessing
    • Now increases Moonlight’s healing to 150
  • Leviathan
    • Now increases movement speed by 20% for the duration of Ancient Rage
  • Barrier Reef
    • Increased damage required to trigger effect to 1,000
  • Creeping Barrage
    • Ultimate no longer stops on death
  • Distortion Field
    • Cooldown now starts when the ability ends
    • Reduced cooldown to 16 seconds
  • Mega Potion
    • Reduced bonus healing to 100%
    • Additional healing % is now also applied to Pip healing himself
    • Augments Healing Potion to now also apply a stacking of 200 shield
  • Blast Back
    • Reduced cone size and effect radius to 50
    • Reduced effective range and effective radius to 40
  • Crack Shot
    • Now also reduces Talon Rifle’s damage to 900
    • Removed Headshot penalty
    • Now also grants perfect unscoped accuracy
  • Nocturnal
    • Now also grants 20% movement speed while Stealthed

The full patch notes can be found on the official site.

Paladins Last Remains Update is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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