'Overwatch' Sombra Releasing On Halloween? Blizzard's ARG Experiment Might Be Coming To A Close

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overwatch pharrah
I know it's just Pharrah, but Sombra might look like this for all we know. Blizzard

No matter how much speculation there is on the internet, there’s no actual proof that Overwatch ’s next hero is going to be Sombra. There are a ton of bread crumbs and complicated algorithms lying around, but Blizzard has yet to announce anything about the Spanish villainess. What we do have are tiny, heavily coded hints here and there.

Thank the maker that Overwatch has the most dedicated fans possible, because they managed to solve puzzles I couldn’t even dream of completing. They managed to find that Ana, Sombra, Soldier 76 and Reaper all knew each other back when Overwatch was still patrolling. We know that Sombra’s cocky in her hacking ability and loves taunting others, from statements left behind like: “It seems you like these little games... Why don't we play a real one?”

We also know she’s got major “details” about Overwatch’ s “heroes” that she can’t wait to tell us about. When Ana was released, Blizzard launched a site called amomentincrime.com , based off the fictional television show featured on Junkrat’s and Roadhog’s hero reveal .

For the last few months the site has been slowly creeping up, incrementally increasing every day. It’s still only at 76 percent, and since it’s only going up a fraction of a percentage a day, we might still be nowhere near completion.

Still, players are holding onto hope. If the percentage speeds up just a teeny bit more, it should be at 100 percent by Halloween. A Sombra ARG event to celebrate Halloween would be awesome, a spooky celebration to celebrate Blizzard’s newest debonair hacker. We know there’s going to be a Halloween event in Overwatch according to data mined voice lines , which seems like a perfect time to bring Sombra onto the team.  

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