Overwatch PTR Update Brings Slew Of Changes To Reaper, Junkrat

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Blizzard introduces a new Overwatch PTR update, with changes made to some heroes and other aspects of the game.
Blizzard introduces a new Overwatch PTR update, with changes made to some heroes and other aspects of the game. Overwatch Official Website

Blizzard has recently rolled out a deluge of changes to the Overwatch PTR. The update introduces buffs and nerfs to a number of heroes in the popular shooter title.

After testing and officially introducing Baptiste to the game, the studio has shifted its focus to revamping older heroes and aspects of the game. The heroes in question for the most recent update are Junkrat, Reaper, and Symmetra.

For starters, the Overwatch PTR update brought a significant change to Junkrat’s Fraglauncher. Its speed has been increased from 20 to 25. His grenades, on the other hand, receive less bounce and explode in a shorter time than before.

As for Reaper, his Shadowstep ability has received a buff, something that players have been hoping to see for a very long time now. Not only will players be able to use the ability in the air, but they can also be invisible throughout its duration when activated. It is worth noting that the duration has been cut in half as well. But perhaps the most interesting of them all is that the hero can now teleport to breakable surfaces.

Teleportation can be a huge game-changer in Overwatch. That is because Symmetra’s Teleporter no longer gets impacted by railings and other breakable surfaces. In other words, she can place the Teleporter anywhere she deems necessary.

Other PTR adjustments focus on bug fixes for heroes and maps. For instance, players can now set their Victory Pose choice to random. There is also an option that lets them set their profile in a way that only their current group can see it.

As far as bug fixes are concerned, the issue about the view becoming jittery when players stand on certain objects has been fixed. The Overwatch development team also fixed an issue where the camera tends to offset a bit when it changes to the third-person view.

For players guilty of bug-abusing the small gaps on the Illios, Nepal, and Temple of Anubis maps, they will not be able to do so anymore. The team has reportedly fixed it on the PTR update.

While these changes are all interesting, they are not official yet. They just apply to the Overwatch PTR, although they could see the light of day soon.

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