Overwatch Mei's Yeti Hunt Tips: How To Unleash (Or Freeze) The Beast

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mei yeti hunt
Mei looks ready for the storm. Blizzard

The newest Arcade mode to hit Overwatch is Mei’s Yeti Hunt, where a team of forlorn Chinese scientists hunt a giant gorilla with white fur stapled to its body. Out of all the new game modes Blizzard has introduced into their hero shooter since the game first launched, this is by far the most boring and random. Still, if you want a free Winter Wonderland Loot Box, you’re going to need to beat it at least once. I’ve been queuing up games, catching yetis in traps and punting Meis across the field. If you want help getting that free box, we’ve got you covered.

Mei Or Yeti?- For the first time in Arcade history you can actually queue up for which role you want in this mode. There’s five Mei Yeti Hunters and one big gorilla, meaning if you just want to jump in a game, it’s much quicker to pick Mei. My wait times were non-existent when playing as Mei, but would go upwards of five minutes when I was playing as Winston in the middle of a work day.

Mei Is Bae- Mei has one goal this brawl: to take down a Winston with a huge health pool. You’ll have your freeze ray, icicle launcher, wall and self-tomb, but your ultimate has been replaced with a Yeti trap (also known as Junkrat’s steel trap). Killing the Yeti isn’t easy, and he’s just as likely to take down you and your cohorts while he chomps on food. Also a bummer, you can only use the Yeti Hunter skin, which is my least favorite on the ice cream lady.

Winston Is Strong-  When you play as monkey man, you’re on your own, stuck in the tundra of Nepal with nothing more than a tesla cannon and a jetpack. Winston’s job is to collect four pieces of meat that spawn where Health packs usually do and then go Super Saiyan. In ultimate rage mode, you want to slap as many Meis as you can until they die and you win. Meis have five lives between all of them, meaning you can just keep killing the moronic player who couldn’t aim down a scope if real money was on the line.

Strategies- When Winston loads into the map, he starts in the cave. Going around the outer rim of Nepal allows you to catch him while he’s trying to eat one of the two pieces of meat spawning on the sides. I’ve had a lot of luck shooting him with icicles from afar or going balls to the wall and jumping right in his face. Landing a yeti in a trap is difficult, but the amount of damage you’ll output on the little guy is ridiculous and totally worth the effort.

Achievements- Getting a yeti in a trap gives you the Yeti Trapper achievement.Eating four different pieces of meat as Winston will bestow upon you the Thinking With Your Stomach award.

It’s Supposed To Be Fun- This Arcade mode is specifically for casual players, so it’s best not to take the game too seriously. Nobody really knows what they’re doing, but hopefully they are trying their best, so there’s no need to flame. I may not have had the most fun with this mode and my free Loot Boxes were all commons, but I’m still glad the Overwatch developers spend time to give us something unique for the holidays.

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