Overwatch Junkertown Comic Wasted Land Stars Broody Roadhog

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Junkrat and Roadhog, Junkertown rascals
Junkrat and Roadhog, Junkertown rascals Blizzard

In the latest Overwatch comic, “ Wasted Land,” we meet Roadhog moments before his fateful encounter with Junkrat. Ever wondered what the Hog’s inner monologue is like? Mostly, it turns out, edgy and brooding, full of rumination over how the world did him wrong and it deserves all the crap it gets in the form of criminals and other scum, not excluding himself.

Roadhog apparently lived on a pretty nice farm on the outskirts of Junkertown in the Australian outback. He’s so infamous that two scrappy thieves trying to strip his farm under cover of night refer to him as “The Hog.”

Predictably, Roadhog doesn’t take this thievery lying down and immediately shaves years off one of the thieves’ lives by yanking him in with his infamous Chain Hook. As Roadhog stares out at the thief, the thief begs for his life in exchange for his whole haul of scrap and weapons. Roadhog spares them, not necessarily out of mercy, but because he believes, “World deserves them.”

Later on he takes all that scrap to Junkertown, where he’s greeted with some hostility. Apparently, the infamous Junkertown Queen hasn’t given him permission to carry his weapons. And we learn Roadhog is absorbed in miserable reflection on how much he hates Junkertown and what happened to Australia. “We fought a war to protect our home,” he muses over the ashes of his burnt idealism.

In Junkertown he meets up with a former engineer named Bruce, one of the few people w

ho passes his stringent “give a damn about you” test, and presents him with a sack of loot. Bruce talks about the “taxes” the Queen forces him to pay, but lets Roadhog keep his coins in exchange for the scrap to cover what what looks like a pile of his healing canisters.

Thirsty, he heads for the local bar, where a seat creaks under the weight of the Whole Hog. His black painted nails shove a pile of coins over to the barkeep for some beer. Behind Roadhog, an altercation is unfolding featuring none other than everyone’s favorite molten mischief maker, Junkrat. Junkrat is patently and openly lying about not knowing the location of a priceless treasure, so a burly, sinister collection of the Queen’s men are threatening him.

Panicked but cunning, Junkrat shouts out that he’d only share the location of treasure with a real, true, murderously helpful friend … to whom he’d give a ten percent share, of course. Roadhog doesn’t stir until one of the Queen’s soldiers slinks up to the bar to poke Roadhog about how “Queen don’t like you” after “what you did.”

As Junkrat plaintively increases the percent share of the treasure he’d be willing to offer to a real true homicidal bud, Roadhog shatters his drink in his hand. Turns out the Hog doesn’t need weapons to send the Queen’s men flying in every direction. Junkrat is proud of his cunning as Roadhog thinks, “This idiot,” and I can only assume a certain subsection of Tumblr literally burst into flame at the words.

The comic closes with Roadhog and Junkrat leaving Junkertown as Junkrat tries to haggle Roadhog down from fifty percent, unsuccessfully. Roadhog thinks Junkrat’s a liar and a fool, “but he’s not the quiet type,” he adds. I guess Roadhog actually kind of likes them chatty? His broodiness is crested with an edge of vengeance with the comic’s last lines:

“The world deserves him. Deserves both of us. And we’ll make sure they don’t forget it.”

As we well know, many, many illegal shenanigans ensue. But is Junkrat ever gonna deliver on that treasure? Find out… some time.

What did you think of the latest Overwatch comic? Are you surprised by Roadhog’s inner voice or is it what you were expecting? What did you think of the fated meeting between Hog and Rat? Check out our look at the last comic, the Doomfist-featuring “ Masquerade ,” and feel free to let us know your thoughts on “Wasted Land” in the comments section below.

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