4 Things The New Doomfist Comic Adds To Overwatch Lore

And 2 Questions I Need Answered Post-Haste
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doomfist overwatch hero
Doomfist, Overwatch's 25th playable character. (c) Blizzard

Overwatch fans have been blessed with a bevy of new Doomfist content lately. From the developer update introducing the hero to an animated Origins cinematic to today’s comic Doomfist: Masquerade, the game embraces its latest playable character. But what have we really learned from this flow of Overwatch material? A few things, it turns out.

The Talon leadership council

The comic reveals that Talon is not run by a single person but by committee, a group of people whose ideas for the direction of Talon sometimes differ. We know this because some guy named Vialli tries to tell Doomfist that his ideas are no longer part of Talon’s “direction” as they stand to lose too much money as part of it.

But Doomfist isn’t a criminal placated by money and power, and he’s not placated by Vialli’s little truisms either. After sending men to kill a freshly-escaped Doomfist, Vialli tries the honey approach on Doomfist, all polite words and a handshake. The honey approach fails too, as Doomfist grips Vialli’s hand and throws him over the roof.

We also see there’s about a dozen seats at the Talon leadership council’s table. Not all are filled, but we see that moneyed omnic Max is part of it, a stranger in silhouette is part of it, and Reaper and Doomfist are both part of it. Looks like there are as many conflicting possibilities for the future of Talon as the future of Overwatch.

Both Reaper and Doomfist know Sombra’s a double dealer and don’t care

This revelation is dropped on page two of the comic as Reaper catches Doomfist up on current events. “She’s been up to some extracurricular activities. She thinks she’s clever, but I’ve been keeping tabs on her,” Reaper says.

Doomfist doesn’t mind because he likes “a little ambition in [his] people.” It’s clear that Doomfist walks out of that prison cell and straight back into Talon leadership, at least mentally, and it’s also clear that he’s got a uniquely permissive view on what’s acceptable for Talon members to do. Sombra’s ambitious, but not about money, which Doomfist seems to find tawdry.


What the hell kind of omnic sides with Talon?! The kind that is all about money talking, apparently, since he’s revealed as a source of funds for Talon. A dark silver omnic with red eyes and forehead dots, Max mans the tables at a casino Doomfist and Widowmaker visit in their classy formal clothes, which I hope to God make an appearance as new skins.

“We have history. And I respect a man with a vision,” says Max to Doomfist. What kind of history? How could Max possibly respect the eternal war vision of Doomfist, which is meant in its own bizarre way to promote the evolution of humanity over the welfare of omnic? How could you, Maximilien?

Max might be all about money, but unlike ol’ Vialli, he has enough imagination to make money while funding Doomfist’s efforts to foment war. (Come on, Vialli, since when has war hindered anyone’s ability to make major cash?) He’s also got enough respect to stay careful in his conversation with Doomfist, too.

Reaper did get names off the Overwatch database hack in Recall

According to Reaper, his hack was partially successful. Not only that, he’s “taken a few names off the list” as well. RIP, ye olde Overwatch members.

But when Doomfist asks whether or not Reaper’s taken out Ana or Jack, Reaper says he hasn’t. Reaper doesn’t pursue the conversation when Doomfist only half-jokes about whether or not he’s feeling sentimental, either. What’s the hold-up, Reaper? Why aren’t you going after those two yet? What are you waiting for?

Finally, I have but two questions remaining after reading the Overwatch comic. 1) What the hell was Amelie saying in French during the casino scenes? 2) When are we getting the Masquerade outfits as skins in the game??? That is all.

What do you think about the new lore revealed in Overwatch: Masquerade? Let us know in the comments section below.


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