Overwatch: The Halloween Terror Returns in the Latest Update

Overwatch Halloween Terror Update
Overwatch Halloween Terror Update Blizzard

Blizzard has released a new update for Overwatch to celebrate the Sixth Anniversary of its Halloween Terror Event. The limited-time PvE Brawl, Junkenstein’s Revenge, is back, and you can also unlock new Halloween-themed items by completing this season’s Weekly Challenges.

Weekly Challenges

The Halloween Terror event will run from October 12 to November 2. Each week, there will be a new set of rewards up for grabs just by playing different game modes.

You can complete weekly challenges by playing a specific number of Quick Play, Competitive Play, or Arcade games. Here are the rewards that you can expect:

  • Week 1
    • 9 Games: Skeleton Genji Player Icon
    • 18 Games: Skeleton Genji Spray
    • 27 Games: Skeleton Genji Epic Skin
  • Week 2
    • 9 Games: Einherjar Zarya Player Icon
    • 18 Games: Einherjar Zarya Spray
    • 27 Games: Einherjar Zarya Epic Skin
  • Week 3
    • 9 Games: Clown Roadhog Player Icon
    • 18 Games: Clown Roadhog Spray
    • 27 Games: Clown Roadhog Epic Skin

There are also new Halloween-themed skins, Player Icons, sprays, voice lines, and emotes available for other heroes. You can unlock them by opening Halloween Loot Boxes that you can acquire during the event period.

Patch Notes

  • Guardian Angel
    • New Hero Setting Guardian Angel Target Priority
    • Facing Target Only" (Previously "Guardian Angel Prefers Beam Target: Off")
      • Guardian Angel will only ever fly to the ally you are aiming at.
    • "Prefer Beam Target" (Previously "Guardian Angel Prefers Beam Target: On")
      • Guardian Angel will fly to your beam target if you have one, if not it will attempt to use the ally you are aiming at.
    • "Prefer Facing target" (NEW)
      • Guardian Angel will fly to the ally you are aiming at. If there is not one, it will attempt to use your beam target.
    • Behavior change
      • Holding down the button for Guardian Angel while using "Toggle Guardian Angel: On", will now activate once a valid target is found.
  • We’ve made additional changes to improve the detection of AFK players at the start of a match, including when attackers are forced back into their spawn rooms by an aggressive defense.
  • Fixed a rare bug that could cause players to die immediately after the respawn timer expires before returning to the spawn room
  • Busan
    • Fixed a bug that allowed Symmetra turrets to shoot through one-sided collision around the point on the Downtown map
  • Lijiang Tower
    • Fixed a bug that caused some third person sound effects to sound muffled when near the point on the Night Market map
  • Ana
    • Fixed a bug that caused the reticle effect on her scope to appear incorrectly when the Haroeris skin is equipped
  • Ashe
    • Fixed a bug that caused her ankles to bend awkwardly when positioned on certain uneven terrain
  • Echo
    • Fixed a bug that caused several Mercy skins to not display their friendly clone visual effects hair overlays when using the Valkyrie ability
  • Mercy
    • Fixed a bug that could cause Guardian Angel to be canceled if the target moves away quickly
  • Reinhardt
    • Fixed a bug that allowed Reinhardt to perform an extra jump after falling from a high area while performing Earthshatter

For the complete patch notes, you can head to the game’s official website.

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