Overwatch Fan Recreates Hanzo's Ultimate With Top-Notch Cosplay

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An Overwatch fan did a top-notch Hanzo cosplay with a twist.
An Overwatch fan did a top-notch Hanzo cosplay with a twist. Blizzard Entertainment

If you have been playing Overwatch for a while, you know that Hanzo is one of the most picked heroes in the game. Some love him for his versatility, while others simply like how “cool” he can be on the battlefield. This also makes the character a go-to choice for some cosplayers.

Stylouz_cosplay, however, is like no other. He is a well-known figure in the world of cosplay, and his recent work proves that.

The cosplayer reportedly made a real-life Hanzo outfit by adding some special effects. This made his cosplay stand out, and he even looks like a real Hanzo. Why? Well, that is because he is really shooting out a Dragonstrike, the character’s ultimate skill in Overwatch.

Stylouz is known for looking at every aspect of a character to really bring life to his cosplays. This is definitely what he did with Hanzo. In fact, he was able to perfectly mimic the hero’s popular “I’m way too cool for this” expression.

In a video, originally posted on Instagram, the cosplayer can be seen acting like he is about to pull back on his signature bow. Interestingly, he is actually going to release Hanzo’s ultimate, which can be seen smashing through a wall. It is really like Hanzo in the game! And oh boy, the music he puts there just perfectly blends with the entire setup.

If this cosplay of Hanzo does not impress you, I seriously do not know what else will.

In related Overwatch news, some players were hoping to see a new Hanzo skin for this year’s Anniversary event. Unfortunately, Blizzard did not include one for the character. It is likely the developers will make one for the bow and arrow wielder during this year's Summer Games event, which is slated to arrive come August.

As previously reported here, the game’s director, Jeff Kaplan, confirmed the arrival of massive schedule changes. It remains a mystery as to what these changes are and how they will affect the game. Let’s hope and pray a Hanzo skin will be one of them. And if there is a new skin, there is no doubt Stylouz will be there to give us another amazing cosplay.

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