Overwatch Blizzard World Easter Eggs From Murloc Island And Beyond

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murloc isdland
What a view... Player.One

Come one, come all, to the most magical place in the terrifying future where omnics have slaughtered millions of humans! The newest Overwatch map, Blizzard World, has dropped on the Public Testing Realm, allowing players to experience Blizzard’s idea of a fully immersive experience. Can you imagine being able to play Heroes Of The Storm and then enjoying a refreshment or game of skeeball at the Heroes Lounge, instead of screaming at your monitor like a 2017 pleb?

I’ve been flying around the map, finding Easter eggs and other Blizzard-related goodies to share with the masses. Now, that I’ve finished collecting Starcraft action figures and punching the shark on the docks, I’m ready to unveil my findings. Here are my favorite goodies found in the Blizzard World Overwatch map.

green hills of stranglethron
Time to read a bed time story Photo: Player.One

The Green Hills Of Stranglethorn

Tucked away behind a desk is a giant tome titled “The Green Hills Of Stranglethorn,” written by Hemet Nesingwary. It’s an allusion to the World Of Warcraft quest with the same name, which has you traveling around Stranglethorn to find the manuscript after the wind blows it away. Blizzard loves to put nods to their other titles in Overwatch, and this is the cutest little Easter egg since Hanzo’s arrow sticking out of the wall in Hanamura. Hemet also holds a special place in my heart; he was the first Legendary I ever pulled in Hearthstone. Even though he was the actual worst card, I still added it all my decks.

Azma dunk
Who needs to shoot when you can dunk? Photo: Player.One


In one of the starting areas, you can find the Heroes Of The Storm arcade, with Murloc skeeball and Starcraft air hockey. The game that caught my eye was the basketball-inspired classic featuring Diablo ’s scariest spider monster, Azmodan. In HoTS , the demon from below also has a basketball-inspired skin, which makes him a perfect target for this cute little nugget of nostalgia. The reason this is on my list, though, is because the game is actually playable. If you hit the basketball at the exact right angle, the ball will fly through the hoop, causing a shower of confetti to spew forth from the rafters. Like the basketball hoop on the Overwatch ship, this game requires a bit of finesse and timing to complete. During my walk through, I spent little time wandering the crypts and rollercoasters, instead choosing to play this minigame instead.

Please Blizzard, I need this. Photo: Player.One

Plush Ashbringer And Doomhammer

Like every nerd, I love to slash people with prop replicas. The Reinhardt hammer given out to convention-goers at the 2016 Blizzcon is currently sitting at the bottom of my closet, popped and unusable. I long for the day Blizzard sells another air toy, one that I can just go swing around like a squire practicing to be a knight. They might not be real, but the toys in Blizzard World really ought to be. On shelves and littered throughout the gift shops, you can find plushie and inflatable versions of Tirion Fordring’s and Thrall’s classic bashing sticks. If there’s enough hubbub on the internet, there’s a chance we could get real versions sometime in the future.

theme park
I want to visit this in real life now. Photo: Player.One

The Complete Theme Park Map

Look at that thing, the Overwatch team really spent a lot of time crafting a full-fledged theme park.

What’s your favorite part of Blizzard World? Tell us in your best Murloc gurgle.

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