Overwatch Ayutthaya Capture The Flag Guide

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On the anniversary of the Overwatch Year Of The Rooster event, Blizzard brings back the Capture The Flag game mode for Year Of The Dog. There's also a brand new map this time around, Ayutthaya.

CTF is a team mode, one that can’t be won by a solo carry by a player with Grandmaster skills. If you have trouble getting the wins you so rightfully deserve, allow us to recommend a few heroes that can help you secure that wonderful victory.

Lucio- There were some serious rules changes to CTF for Year Of The Dog. Any mobility ability used, like D.Va’s boost or Pharrah’s jump, will drop the flag. Getting around this loophole is difficult—you don’t want your precious carry to die while holding the flag before you get it into your base. That’s where Lucio comes in. The energetic DJ can speed boost others holding the flag or boost their health with his ultimate. However, you can’t use speed boost while you have the flag, though you can jump on walls to increase your speed or just have your green aura flowing.

Winston- The buff gorilla is an amazing diver, who can attack enemy Bastions or Torbjorns that are defending flags. I love Winston, but have a hard time using him on open maps like Junkertown. He’s so easily shot down by a Widowmaker with a vendetta or a Zenyatta with good aim. Ayutthaya has a lot of cover, which makes monkey boy a useful hero to switch to when the enemy is hunkered down with some heavy-duty defense.

Roadhog- Walk up to the flag, use your nasty gas to heal up and then walk out. It sounds too simple to be a strategy, but it’s fairly consistent. The beefy Australian requires a lot of resources to kill and if your allies are actually doing their jobs, you should be able to grab that flag before they can retaliate.

Other worthy mentions:

Moira- Heal the flag bearer and your ultimate should be up multiple times a match.

Genji- Dart around and kill everything, doesn’t sound bad.

Doomfist- See Genji.

Mei- Ices everything, walls can be used as an escape device and is kawaii as fuck.

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