Overwatch 2 Confirmed For Nintendo Switch

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Overwatch 2
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Earlier this year, Overwatch's sequel was announced at Blizzard's annual BlizzCon Expo. Following the announcement, fans of the hero shooter have already been pondering about this surprising sequel, and they have tons of questions. Overwatch 2 is supposed to introduce a single-player campaign alongside its traditional PvP shooting, but details on how this will all work are scarce.

Surprisingly, following Overwatch's footsteps, the sequel will make the jump to the Nintendo Switch. The announcement was made via an official Overwatch 2 gameplay trailer posted on Nintendo's YouTube channel.

The trailer showcases some of the new and interesting things coming to Overwatch 2, including a new mode and story elements. If you are looking for some detailed information, sadly you're going to be disappointed. The gameplay trailer heavily relies on cinematics with a few gameplay elements sprinkled around.

Nintendo hasn't confirmed any release date for Overwatch 2, and there isn't much we know about the game either. Overwatch fans should expect the game to be released in 2020. One question that we have is if the game is releasing on Nintendo Switch, will it also release on next-gen consoles? Will players be able to play the game on current-gen consoles? We have no answers to any of these questions and only time will reveal all the answers.

'Overwatch' May Not Be Perfect, But It's Damn Near Close
Overwatch doesn't care if you've ever tried an FPS before, it holds your hands and makes you feel okay while you shoot rocket launchers, icicles and sound waves.
  • Amazing Art Style
  • Balanced Mechanics
  • Characters Keep You Coming Back For More
  • No Single Player
  • Overwhelming At First
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