Overwatch 2: Blizzard Finally Nerfs Sojourn in Latest Update

DPS Hero: Sojourn
DPS Hero: Sojourn Twitter/@PlayOverwatch

Sojourn, one of the three new heroes introduced in the first season of Overwatch 2, is pretty good. So much so that many players are complaining about how well she executes enemies on the field with her trusty Railgun. After a couple of months since her release, Blizzard has finally nerfed this DPS hero in the latest update.

According to Blizzard, Sojourn has been performing admirably well at higher tiers of competitive play but suffers heavily in the lower ranks. The company cited that this was largely due to the charged headshots from her Railgun’s secondary fire. Because of this, Sojourn’s Railgun got several notable changes.

The main adjustment here is that the critical damage multiplier of her Railgun’s secondary fire is reduced from two to 1.5. Furthermore, the damage from her secondary fire now scales linearly with energy, which maxes out at 130. In other words, one point of energy translates to one additional damage.

To compensate for the above changes, her Railgun’s primary fire damage per projectile is increased to 10. Her ultimate, Overclock, has its charge rate increased by 20% as well, meaning it now only takes roughly one second for her Railgun to get fully charged.

Are the Nerfs Effective?

While Sojourn’s Railgun got nerfed in the latest update for Overwatch 2, it seems that she’s still quite effective in higher levels of play. According to a Redditor, players who are in the Grandmaster tier actually find her to be a bit stronger now due to her improved primary fire damage.

Another user chimed in and jokingly said that Blizzard may have pushed the buff button instead of the one for nerfs.

Hero Bug Fixes

  • Heroes no longer take damage from their own abilities if they’re on the other side of a friendly barrier
  • Fixed an issue with the Damage Passive where sometimes a double reload animation could occur when the buff was active
  • Resolved an issue with some skins using the wrong props in the 'Flashbang' victory pose
  • Fixed an issue where Doomfist's Power Block reduced the damage from some area of effect abilities
  • Meteor Strike: You can no longer detect Sombra if the targeting reticle gets near her
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to use Self-Destruct during their Mech's destruction while Hacked
Junker Queen
  • Jagged Blade can no longer be recalled while slept, stunned, hacked or frozen
  • Fixed an issue with Jagged Blade being consumed by friendly abilities like Deflect, Defense Matrix, etc.
  • Jagged Blade now takes a curved trajectory on return
  • Guardian Angel now correctly resets its cooldown if Valkyrie is used
  • Guardian Angel "cancel boost" is now disabled when Mercy is stunned

Have you tried Sojourn after her recent nerfs? If so, how’s your experience? Do you think that she got better now thanks to the slight buff to her primary fire damage?

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