Overdungeon Full Version Now on Steam

Full version now available.
Full version now available. Pocket Pair

The full version of Overdungeon is now available on Steam following a successful Gamescom showing and after earning a very positive review score from Steam Early Access users. The game offers players a brand-new gameplay experience with a creative mix of rogue-like dungeon crawler, real-time strategy, and card games.

Overdungeon has players pick a hero from its quirky list of playable characters. These include a forgetful soldier, a vampire named Lilith who is embarrassed because she is dressed in a sultry costume, or Sugar, who is Schrödinger’s cat. Then, you pick a path in the dungeon, where you engage in battles with wolves and wizards using a deck of cards. There are more than 100 cards you can use to build a winning deck including Attack, Animal, Building, Spell, and Trap, among many others. Players can cast spells directly attacking enemies in these unique card battles. Players can also summon creatures and create an unbeatable army of lions, elephants, and alpacas to crush the enemies and be victorious in battle.

Overdungeon received updates during early access, and the game now includes a seasonal dungeon mode as well as daily challenges in addition to the Deep Forest Dungeon.

The key features of Overdungeon, according to the official press statement, include:

  • Real-time, deck battling strategy – Set up spell card combos and spawn a pack of polar bears to dominate monsters you meet in the dungeon.
  • A new dungeon to explore, every time – With procedurally generated dungeons, thousands of relic and card combinations, and multiple modes Overdungeon is overloaded with content.
  • Built for dungeon beginners and masters – Designed to be easy to play and hard to master, Overdungeon is equipped with multiple difficulty modes and tutorials for all skill levels.
  • Did we mention alpacas? – The playful team at Pocket Pair, Inc. loaded decks with mortars and lighting spells plus an assortment of animals. Nothing is more satisfying than taking a frightening magus down with a stampede of cats and chickens.

You can purchase the full version of Overdungeon on Steam now. The game is currently on a special promotion at 20% off until August 29. You can also opt for the Overdungeon - Game + Soundtrack Bundle, which is also discounted.

If you want to get more information about Overdungeon or if you are interested in talking with the development team, you can join them on Discord.

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