Overcooked 2 DLC: Free Update Celebrates Chinese New Year

Overcooked 2 DLC continues to roll out with today’s free update. The new content in the latest DLC pack celebrates Chinese New Year with new food to make, new kitchens to conquer and new chefs to cook with.

The Chinese New Year DLC adds a new map for players to explore. The map has seven kitchens, with challenges including dancing dragons, floating lanterns and more. There is also a new kitchen appliance to master in the new kitchens: the wok. Woks must be kept bubbling over an open flame or your food might end up in the garbage can.

There are two new dishes to make in the Chinese New Year DLC: a fruit platter and hotpot. The fruit platter is a traditional Chinese New Year dish that signifies wealth and fullness. The fruit platter looks like it has peaches, oranges and grapes in it, based on the footage from the trailer above.

Hotpot uses the wok and involves chopping up bok choy, prawns, meat and noodles and throwing them all into one pot. The woks are massive in Overcooked 2 and require players to drag them from the open flame to an area without any flame. Appropriately for this Chinese New Year, a pig chef joins the ranks along with a Chinese dragon chef.

The two new playable chefs in Overcooked 2
The two new playable chefs in Overcooked 2 Team17

As an added bonus, this update also introduces Survival Mode to Overcooked 2. Survival Mode pits players against the clock in a race to see how many dishes can be made in the given time. The twist here is players can gain time back for each completed dish that gets served. How long can you last? It’s time to find out! Survival Mode is available on all Overcooked 2 stages, including the Surf 'N’ Turf pack and both seasonal DLC packs.

The Chinese New Year update is free for all Overcooked 2 owners and is available to download right now on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

So what do you think? Are you interested in trying out the new Chinese New Year kitchen challenges in Overcooked 2? What other DLC would you like to see for the hectic cooking game? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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